The Life of Dr. Abdul Salam


The life of Dr. Salam is not properly explained by Ahmadiyya sources. In this essay, we will present the proper data and leave it to the readers to draw their own conclusions. However, you will notice that during the life of Dr. Salam, he never allowed anyone to mention his second wife (girlfriend) and those circumstances (see the Al-Nahl of 1997, which has 200+ pages of data on Dr. Salam, however, they barely mention his second wife and those 2 amazing kids, see page 200). We (the writers at this blog) don’t see his relationships as a meaning of shame or anything, we are just pointing out that Dr. Dame Louise Napier Johnson, who per British law, was never his wife, instead a life-long girlfriend, was never given any acknowledgement by the Ahmadiyya Movement. We all know that Dr. Salaam eloped with Dr. Johnson in 1968…they were not married in any ceremony. Dr. Salaam didn’t care about any islamic laws, he was above the laws in Ahmadiyya and was never even questioned. However, a few years later, he had an ahmadi-mullah read the Nikkah. His son was born in 1974 (Umar) and a daughter was born in 1982 (Saeeda). Both of these children are shunned by the Ahmadiyya Movement. Dr. Salaam had allegiance to his cult-like religion and he respected the religion of his father, he thus never challenged anything in Ahmadiyya, he also believed that his intelligence was based on a revelation of MGA, in fact, in 1979 at the Jalsa in Rabwah, Salam claimed that it was the prayers of MGA which helped him become a nobel winner. IMHO, he was an Atheist, however, out of respect for his family, he supported Ahmadiyya as much as he could. However, he never had the courage to attempt to solve the dogmatic irregularities of the Ahmadiyya religion, like Yus Asaf and the eclipses. Salam’s life lasted over these years, born-January 1926, died on 21 November 1996. He was born in British-India, he chose to become a Pakistani after 1947, however, he began to hate Pakistan in 1953, right after the 1953 anti-Ahmadiyya riots. He moved out of Pakistan in and began working at Cambridge and joined St John’s College, and took a position as a professor of mathematics, this was in the UK of course. By 1964, when Ahmadi’s were thriving in Pakistan, he decided to help the country of Italy, which is unethical, since Mussolini supported Hitler in WW-2. Nevertheless, per the order of his Khalifa, he worked for Pakistan and Italy simultaneously and as an esteemed College Professor at Cambridge. However, after Ahmadi’s were declared Non-Muslim in 1974, he left his job with the Pakistani government and began to focus on his school of Physics in Trieste, Italy. Oct 1974 to late 1978 seems to be a dead era in his career. In 1979, he won the Nobel Prize in Physics.  In 1979, the President of Pakistan and head military dictator, Zia ul Haq invited Dr. Salaam to Pakistan and gave him full presidential treatment, they asked him to build a center of Physics, he was wined and dined, nevertheless, he still left Pakistan in 1980 and continued to work for Italy. Eventually, he died in 1996 of a rare brain disease wherein he had become a mute and at the house of his 2nd wife. Polygamy in the UK was illegal, hence, his second wife, Dr. Johnson was more like a lifelong girlfriend in British law.

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There are a few bios on Abdus Salaam.  Pervez Hoodboy has also spoke on Dr. Salaam here.  

According to his colleague, Dr. Weinberger, Dr. Salam was fond of “Scotch” whiskey





https://royalsocietypublishing.org/doi/pdf/10.1098/rsbm.1998.0025–“Abdus Salam” by Kibble (1998)

His father was an educational official employed with the British Government
Abdus Salam was born  as a citizen of British-India to Chaudhry Muhammad Hussain and Hajira Hussain, into a Punjabi family that was part of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam. In terms of caste-affiliation, they were Jats of Rajput descent from Jhang on his father’s side while his mother was a Kakazai from Gurdaspur.[22][23][24] His grandfather, Gul Muhammad, was a religious scholar as well as a physician[7] while his father was an education officer in the Department of Education of Punjab State in a poor farming district.  It is unclear how any of these people became Ahmadi’s, they are not tied to any of the early converts to Ahmadiyya.

Abdus Salam was born in Santokdas in the District of Sahiwal, this is 100 kilometers from modern day Jhang, Pakistan. Abdus Salam’s mother and her family were from Santokdas, his maternal grandfather was working, he also seemed to be an employee of the British government, it in unclear whether he was an Ahmadi or not. The reason that Abdus Salam was born in Santokdas instead of Jhang was because it was some type of cultural custom for their family that when a child is born, he is born in the family home of the woman, instead of the man, most likely because child birth requires great care and etc.  Abdus Salam’s only sister Hamida was also born in Santokdas, however, his additional 6 siblings (boys) were all born in Jhang, British Indian (See Kibble).  Abdus Salam was thus the eldest in a family of 8 children, however, he did have a half sister from his fathers first marriage which makes a total of 9 siblings.

By age 5, it was obvious that Abdus Salam was special.

His parents forced his siblings to serve him food and to clean his clothes and etc. Abdus Salam never worked any manual labor, nor did he play any sports. By today’s standards, he was a privileged kid.

At age 14, Salam scored the highest marks ever recorded for the matriculation (entrance) examination at the Punjab University (See Fraser). There was a huge celebration in the city of Jhang as Salam’s scores were reported to the entire city.

Abdus Salam graduates with a B.A. in Mathematics from Government College University, Lahore. While in Lahore, Abdus Salam went on to attend the graduate school of Government College University.[29]


He received his MA in Mathematics from the Government College University in 1946.[21] That same year, he was awarded a scholarship to St John’s College, Cambridge, where he completed a BA degree with Double First-Class Honours in Mathematics and Physics in 1949. This was a special Punjab Government scholarship to Cambridge program. Salam was really lucky, the head of the Punjab government has been collecting money to help in Allied war effort. The War ended in roughly 1945, there was lots of money that was left over.  150,000 rupees were left over (see Kibble), the head of the Punjab government agreed to allocate this money to the sons of poor farmers to study abroad. However, Salam was not the son of a farmer. Somehow, by buying some land, Salam’s father had qualified to receive the scholarship. On top of that, some other student had unexpectedly dropped out of Cambridge, thus leaving a seat open. The scholarship was totally cancelled the next year, Salam seems to have been the only beneficiary.

Dr. Salam meets Zafrullah Khan in 1946 in Liverpool
Co-incidentally, they both met as Dr. Salaam had arrived in the UK for higher studies.  They both scammed and schemed on behalf of Ahmadiyya their entire life.  However, it is important to note that Dr. Salaam never volunteered for Ahmadiyya and never wrote any articles in support of any Ahmadiyya theory.  He was silent on Jesus in India, the eclipses and many other scientific phenomenon.

1949, August 19th, Salam marries his first cousin
This topic is barely covered by all sources. In this era, Dr. Salam left home for the first time ever, in other words, he left his country, which was British-India, but, by 1947 it was the newly formed country, Pakistan. Salam was back and forth from the UK and Pakistan quite a bit in this era. (see al-Nahl). Salam deeply respected his father and always obeyed him. When he graduated from GC in 1946, he had never gone to the cinema because his father had forbidden him to do so. He was also scolded by his father for playing chess after which he never played the game. He used to say that he owed his success to his father’s prayers.

Dr. Salam married his cousin, Amtul Hafeez (she died in 2007), she was the sister of Col. G.M. Iqbal, 
They had 4 children.  In order of their ages:
Daughter–Dr. Aziza Rahman (born in June of 1950, in Multan), she married Dr. Hameed ur Rehman in the L.A. area
Daughter—Asifa (Born November 1954 in London)
Daughter–Bushra Salam Bajwa (Born in November of 1956 in Pakistan)
Son—-Ahmad Salam (Born in 1960, in the UK)

Aziza has a PhD in biochemistry, while Ahmad has a degree in Finance and works for a Kuwaiti company from London as an investment banker. All three daughters are housewives.

1951 to 1953
Salam lived in isolation, his wife and daughter lived in Multan, Salam lived in Lahore.  In the future, he would continue to live like this.  He spent the summers of 1952 and 1953 in London.
Salam completed his PhD thesis in 1951: Developments in quantum theory of fields. This was a rather brilliant work: in addition to making his name as a physicist, it resulted in him winning a share of the highly prestigious Adams Prize for mathematical sciences in 1956

In 1953, Dr. Salam moved to Cambridge, with his wife and young daughter Aziza
See Al-Nahl of 1997.

Salam was in love with a girl named Urmilla at the Govt College Lahore
It seems that Dr. Salam was already cheating on his new wife.  See Cosmic Anger.

January of 1954
Abdus Salaam turned his back on Pakistan after the 1953 riots on Ahmadiyya

Is Abdus Salaam a traitor to Pakistan?  Well, in this book, on pages 26-31.  It is stated that Dr. Salaam purposely and willfully was upset with Pakistan and moved away.  He then helped the UK and other countries develop educational programs in terms of physics.

This was the first time that Dr. Salaam turned his back on his country, however, it wasn’t the last.  Singh tells us that Salaam was personally threatened, and the riots were about his close friend, Zafrullah Khan, so Salaam was now eager to leave his people in Pakistan, and he fled to the UK and began giving up all of his islamic ideals on life (see pages 28-29, Singh).

Dr. Salam neglected all 6 of his children
Dr. Salam was so busy being an ambassador for Ahmadiyya, that he never truly enjoyed his life.  He never took a real vacation, nor did he even spend substantial time with his children.  Ahmad Salam stated in an interview for a documentary being made on Salam that he saw so little of his father that when he was six or seven years old he would ask his mother if he could bring his bedding into Salam’s bedroom and put it on the floor just to be close to him. “I wanted to be with him as much as possible.”[27] Two of his daughters have given us valuable glimpses of his family life and his work habits. They write:[28]

“”””His travels took him all over the world Thus, his work left him little time for the family life. … He was quite strict at home, especially where our studies were concerned. He would bring us each workbooks and before going to his college he would set us certain pages that we had to do. Whenever he returned from an overseas trip, he would call us into his room and check on our grades and progress. He encouraged us and gave us confidence by constantly reminding us of one of his favorite sayings, “Do your best and leave the rest to Allah.”…
He himself never stopped working…. My father maintained his meticulous work habits in an unflagging routine punctuated by “catnaps” and endless supplies of sweets and hot tea…He would go to bed around eight or nine o’ clock in the evening, and arise a very few hours later to work in the silent hours before dawn when his level of concentration and creativity would perhaps reach its peak, sustained by a thermos of hot, sweet tea and some snacks that we would place by his bedside before sleeping.””””

Dr. Salam’s nephew, Nasir Iqbal, son of the late Col. G.M. Iqbal
He was with Dr. Salam in his final years in Italy and spent lots of time with Dr. Salam. He gave lots of details about Dr. Salam’s lonely life. His nephew Nasir Iqbal, was employed at ICTP for some time also, call it nepotism.

Salam adjusted to life in the UK with his family.

In 1957, he was invited to take a chair at Imperial College, London, and he and Paul Matthews went on to set up the Theoretical Physics Department at Imperial College.[42] As time passed, this department became one of the prestigious research departments that included well known physicists such as Steven WeinbergTom KibbleGerald GuralnikC. R. HagenRiazuddin, and John Ward. Punjab University conferred Salam with an Honorary doctorate for his contribution in Particle physics.[43] The same year with help from his mentor, Salam launched a scholarship programme for his students in Pakistan. Salam retained strong links with Pakistan, and visited his country from time to time.[44]

At Cambridge and Imperial College he formed a group of theoretical physicists, the majority of whom were his Pakistani students. At age 33, Salam became one of the youngest persons to be elected a Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS) in 1959.[7][7] Salam took a fellowship at the Princeton University in 1959, where he met with J. Robert Oppenheimer[45] and to whom he presented his research work on neutrinos.[46] Oppenheimer and Salam discussed the foundation of electrodynamics, problems and their solution.[47] His dedicated personal assistant was Jean Bouckley.

Abdus Salam returned to Pakistan in 1960 to take charge of a government post that was given to him by President Field Marshal Ayub Khan. From her independence, Pakistan has never had a coherent science policy, and the total expenditure on research and development represent ~1.0% of Pakistan’s GDP.[61] Even the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) headquarters was located in a small room, and less than 10 scientists were working on fundamental concepts of physics.[62] Abdus Salam replaced Salimuzzaman Siddiqui as Science Advisor, became first Member (technical) of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission. Abdus Salam expanded the web of physics research and development in Pakistan by sending more than 500 scientists abroad.[63]

In September 1961, Abdus Salam approached President Ayub Khan to set up the country’s first national space agency.[64] On 16 September 1961, through an executive order, Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission was established, in which Abdus Salam served as the first director.[64] Before 1960, very little work on scientific development was done, and scientific activities in Pakistan were almost diminished. Abdus Salam called Ishfaq Ahmad, a nuclear physicist, who had left the country for Switzerland where he joined CERN, to Pakistan. With the support of Abdus Salam, PAEC established PAEC Lahore Center-6, with Ishfaq Ahmad as its first director.[65]

In 1962, Salam took his wife and parents to Mecca to perform Umrah, the small pilgrimage. Involving a single lap of the Ka’aba, this can be done at any time of the year, and involves much less organization and effort than the elaborate full pilgrimage, the Hajj. The experience nevertheless impressed him deeply. Every Muslim is supposed to make the full Haj once: making Umrah does not absolve a believer from the responsibility of making the full pilgrimage. But it was to be Salam’s only trip to Saudi Arabia.

In the same year, he met a very young Physics student, Louise Dame NapierJohnson.  Attending an antinuclear proliferation meeting in London in 1962, Salam had met Louise Johnson, then a physics undergraduate at University College London (UCL), who was helping with the meeting’s
administration. It was what the French call un coup de foudre, an emotional lightning strike, such as Salam had not experienced since seeing the inaccessible Urmilla at Government College, Lahore, some twenty years before.  Louise was only 20 years old, and Salam was 36.

In 1964, Salam founded the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), Trieste, in the North-East of Italy and served as its director until 1993.[97]
Salam never intended to help Pakistan develop any international science center or nuclear weapons.  However, he played games and acted like he was interested.  His Khalifa most likely controlled Salam, and thus he never helped Pakistan do anything.

His father, Chaudhry Mohammad Hussain dies in Karachi and is buried in a special area of Bahishti Maqbara, in Rabwah, Pakistan.

Dr. Salaam had a change of heart, and this is the most peaceful era of Ahmadis in Pakistan.  In 1958, he was named as the Chief Scientific Advisor to the President, Ayub Khan (see Singh, pages 96-97).  Abdus Salaam was thus able to get lots of Ahmadis hired into the government and etc. This was the era when Ahmadis were Economic Advisors, military generals, and held disproportionate employment with the government. Dr. Salaam wanted to start an international physics center, however, there was a shortage of funds and no projects could ever be funded.  Dr. Salam was a workaholic, he seems to have been working 3 jobs simultaneously in this era.  From 1965 onwards, Dr. Salam was back and forth from Italy to the UK.

His marriage to Louise Johnson
Fraser, “Cosmic Anger”, page 230-231“Salam and Louise Johnson were married in a Muslim wedding in London in 1968.  An unlikely witness was Paul Mathews, Salam’s long-time research partner  and professor at Imperial. 36.  In Islamic terms, his new relationship was a marriage, so Salam was following the edicts of a religion that expressly forbids fornication. 37.  but on the other hand it was sufficiently distant from a union that had taken place between cousins in Pakistan as not to cause alarm.  The freedom and support that Salam’s unorthodox lifestyle required was freely given on all sides, and the unconventional arrangement worked.  By deft planning and attention to detail, and by supreme forbearance by those involved, Salam was able to manage his unconventional matrimonial affairs, shuttling between Trieste, London and Oxford.  Salam was discreet about all of this, but on the other hand did not keep it secret.  His ‘second family’ became regular summer visitors at Trieste.” 36—Salam would have preferred 2 Muslim witnesses to his new marriage, and this was duly rectified in a second marriage ceremony in 1973. 

Dr. Salam had both of his wives living less than a mile apart in 1990–1996 era.

Dr. Salam married Dr. Napier illegally
British law does not allow for polygamy. Hence, Dr. Salam was cheating on his wife of almost 15 + years and having an affair with Dr. Napier. Furthermore, in 1968, Dr. Salam’s eldest daughter was 18 years old, whereas Dr. Salam’s girlfriend was just 26. We are unsure if they ever met in life. Sources tell us that in 1973, a proper nikkah ceremony was held, however, the Ahmadiyya movement has never confirmed this. We know that Dr. Salam was best friends with Zafrullah Khan and a VIP at the London Mosque, hence, anything could be done for him.

Another biography: Dr. Abdus Salam, by Jagjit Singh. Says, he admired Muhammad Iqbal, the poet philosopher.

Singh was silent on Dr. Salaam’s wife, Professor Dame Louise Napier Johnson.

This is the proof that this book was purposely biased.  We all know that Dr. Salaam eloped with Dr. Johnson in 1968…they were not married in any ceremony.  Dr. Salaam didn’t care about any islamic laws, he was above the laws in Ahmadiyya and was never even questioned.  However, a few years later, he had an ahmadi-mullah read the Nikkah.  His son was born in 1974 (Umar) and a daughter was born in 1982 (Saeeda).  Both of these children are shunned by the Ahmadiyya Movement.

How did Dr. Salam meet Dr. Napier?
Singh tells us that in 1968 they seem to have eloped together. In 1968, Salam was living in the Uk and working at the Imperial College.  Salam was also back and forth to Pakistan in these days since he worked as Scientific advisor to Ayub Khan. Dr. Napier finished her studies in 1965, After her PhD, she moved to the laboratory of Frederic M. Richards at Yale University for postdoctoral research in 1966. At Yale she worked as part of a team with Frederic M. Richardsand Hal Wyckoff on the crystal structure of another enzyme, ribonuclease, which was solved shortly after she left: the fourth protein structure solved.[7]  Dr. Napier transferred to the Royal Institution for postgraduate research, she spent a year at Yale and was working as Departmental Demonstrator in the Department of Zoology, University of Oxford.  She became faculty in 1973.  Dr. Salam seems to have been very busy in these days, since his first family was also in the same geographic area, i.e. London.  When Dr. Salam went to pickup his Nobel prize, he had both of his wives with him and wearing a full burka.  Swedish officials seated them in different parts of the auditorium while the King decorated their husband.  Dr. Salam was 42 and Dr. Napier was 28 years old.

Dr. Salam and Dr. Napier had 2 children
They had two children: a son born in 1974(Umar Salam) and a daughter born in 1982 (Syeda Hajira). Johnson’s husband died in 1996. She died on 25 September 2012 in Cambridge, England.[17][5][18] Their whereabouts are unknown.  Their religion is unknown.  Iftikhar Ahmed, a physicist who worked very closely with Salam, recalled them as being “madly in love – it was always ‘my darling’ this, and ‘my darling’ that … I never saw him happier than when he was with Louise”.

Umar Salam
Umar has completed his Ph.D. in mathematics from Cambridge. I remember that it was during a summer of the mid 1980s, that Salam asked me to teach Urdu to Umar. I did so for a few days. When I asked Umar if he was really interested in learning Urdu, Umar said that he was doing it only because his father wanted him to learn Urdu. Interestingly, one day Salam checked the words I had taught him and their transliteration. (this was taken from here: http://www.mujahidkamran.com/articles.php?id=44, see footnote number 31).  (Not sure who this person was who was teaching Dr. Salam’s son Urdu).

Umar Salam and Stephen Hawkings
It seems that they both worked together at the University of Cambridge.  See here: https://realnoevremya.com/articles/2287-stephen-hawking-from-newtons-department-to-einsteins-rostrum

Singh is wrong on Ahmadiyya persecution and the 1974 NA
Singh writes that after legislation was passed, violence vs. Ahmadis broke out..that is an open lie.  He was most likely lied to by Ahmadi-mullahs or other Ahmadis who are fond of lying about their cult-like non-profit business.    In fact, after Oct-7th-1974, the data proves that violence vs. Ahmadis was dead for 4 years until late 1978, even then, these isolated cases are not honest, these people may have been killed in family disputes, not Ahmadiyya related issues. In fact, uptil Ord-XX and 1984 there was 10-years of relative peace for Ahmadi’s in Pakistan.

Salaam turns his back on Pakistan again in Sep-1974
Ahmadis were declared non-Muslim in Sep-1974, and Dr. Salaam resigned immediately. Salaam grew a beard and seems to have changed his lifestyle….or that was the outward behavior.

Oct–1974 to Oct 1979
This seems to be a dead era in the life of Dr. Salam.

When he won the Nobel Prize in roughly Oct 1979
Singh lies to us and claims that Abdus Salaam wasn’t fond of alcohol. He claims that he Salaam only drank grape juice while his colleagues drank wine. However, that is a lie…his colleagues tell us different.

The Ahmadi press mentions Salam
“I am filled with praise and glory to that holy Being Who accepted regular and continuous prayers of my present Imam, my parents and my friends of the Jamaat, thereby gladdening the hearts in the Islamic world and Pakistan”. (Qadiani newspaper Al-Fazl, Rabwah, Dated December 31, 1979).

Q: What do you have to say about the ‘Science Foundation’ established by Islamic Conference?

A: “A step in the right direction, I am indeed happy. But my original proposal was better than the present decision. I had prevailed upon Mr. Bhutto in 1974 to establish a Foundation with a capital of one billion dollars and the Summit Conference had agreed upon it, but nothing happened after that. Then in 1981, General Zia-ul-Haq agreed to raise this issue in the Summit at Taif. The ‘Foundation’ was established but the proposed capital was reduced to only 50 million dollars. I have now learnt that the actual amount received so far by the ‘Foundation’ is only 6 million dollars. You would agree with me that Muslim governments can give more than that”. (Daily ‘Al-Fazl’, Rabwah, Oct. 8,1984).

Zia invites Dr. Salaam to Pakistan From December 15th–23rd of 1979, after he wins the Nobel
After winning the nobel prize, with other scientists, Zia-ul-Haq wooed him to come back to Pakistan and possibly help Pakistan fight off the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan and to . Dr. Salaam didn’t fly on commercial aircraft, instead, he flew on the Presidents aircraft (see pages 96-97, Singh). Salam arrived at the Karachi airport on 12-15-1979 (See Al-Nahl of 1997, page 112), only his Pakistani wife was with him, his British wife was not. On 12-16-79 he visited his sister in Multan. He then flew to Sargodha (in the afternoon)(which is barely 20 miles from Rabwah), he was received at the Pakistani Air Force base in Sarghoda, he was received by Mirza Tahir Ahmad and Mirza Khurshid Ahmad. They then drove to Rabwah under police escort. Dr. Salam attended the Ahmadiyya Jalsa in Rabwah in December of 1979 under govt. escort. On 12-18-1979, he flew from Rabwah to Islamabad via military helicopter. He was received by military and civilian government leaders and was allowed to spend the day and night at “Sindh house”. He met Zia ul Haq on that day also(See Al-Nahl of 1997, pages 112-113). Zia ul Haq then allowed Dr. Salam to read his prayers separately and called him a better Muslim than himself. On 12-19-1979, Sala visited PINSTECH, Major General Shafiq was also there.  On 12-20-1979, Zia gave Salam the country’s highest civilian honour, Nishan-e-Imtiaz, some Ahmadi’s were also there and vouched for all of this info in the Al-Nahl. On 12-21-1979, Salam flew to Peshawar and was again met by all the top military and civilian leaders of that area. Lt. general Fazal Haq was also there. Again they traveled via Military aircraft. In the afternoon, they flew to Lahore. Lt.General Sawar Khan hosted Salam and gave an amazing dinner at the Governor’s house, many Ahmadi’s were there also. On 12-23-1979, Salam gave a speech at the Punjab University of Lahore. A private dinner was arranged wherein mostly Ahmadi’s ate with Dr. Salam. On 12-24-1979, Dr. Salam left via military helicopter for Jhang, many Ahmadi’s were with him. He slept in a government rest house. On 12-25-1979, Salam left Jhang for Sargodha, via military helicopter, he then drove to Rabwah to attend the Jalsa, which lasted until 12-27-1979. On 12-28-1979, Salam was driven by Ahmadi youth to Lahore. On 12-29-1979, Salam headed out for Karachi. On 12-30-1979, he visited Sindh University. Lt. General Abassi hosted dinner of Salam that night, he was the governor of Sindh at that time. On 1-2-1980, Salam returned to England. After that, he got a visa for India (which is really hard) and visited his old teacher in India. Then again in 1987, Zia invited Dr. Salam as an official guest of the Government of Pakistan. When Zia died in 1988, Dr. Salam rejoiced.

He turned his back on Pakistan 3 times
It should be noted that Salaam had many beefs with his own people.  Shortly after visiting Pakistan, he also visited India, with full governmental permission.  In fact, 99% of Pakistani’s are never given access to India after 1947. But Ahmadi’s are given visit visa’s every single year for the Qadian Jalsa.

Norman Dombey on Dr. Salam’s Nobel
Normal Dombey recently posted on the arXiv Abdus Salam: A Reappraisal. PART I. How to Win the Nobel Prize which more or less seems to argue that Salam didn’t deserve his 1979 Nobel. He describes a lot of history I didn’t know, but I’m not completely convinced. Part of the argument seems to be that he stole the idea from Weinberg, and didn’t even know the importance of what he had stolen, but my impression was that no one, not even Weinberg, thought very much of the unified electroweak theory at the time. A quick look at the paper in his collected papers that I take to be the 1968 one that justified the Nobel to him appears to discuss the crucial points: a gauge theory with Higgs mechanism.

Unfortunately I don’t have more time now to look into this history carefully. If someone expert on this history has comments on the Dombey claims, that would be interesting.

April 1984-When Ord-XX passed in Pakistan
He seems to have been living in the UK in this era and never commented on this law.  The Khalifa had moved to London also.

Dr. Abdul Qadeer, our renowned nuclear scientist said about Salam

Q: “What do you have to say for the Nobel Award which Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani has received”?

A: “That too has been awarded on the basis of motives. Dr. Abdus Salam had been trying to get a Nobel Prize since 1957. At last, on the hundredth birth anniversary of Einstein, the desired Prize was given to him. The fact is that Qadianis have a proper mission operating in Israel since long. Jews wanted to please some like-minded person on the occasion of Einstein�s anniversary and so Dr. Abdus Salam was favored”.  (Weekly Chattan, Lahore, February 6,1986)

By 1989, Dr. Salam was permanently in a wheel chair.  He had fell many times in Trieste, Italy, and now lived as a totally disabled human.  (see Cosmic Anger, page 260).  Salam carried on at Trieste, Italy, however, his speech became incomprehensible.

In the last 3 years of his life, he was mute, he was unable to speak, he was bed-ridden and unable to communicate with anyone.  He died of a rare brain disease.

Salam died in Oxford, Uk in 1996 and his body was transferred to Rabwah
Nasir Iqbal tells us:
“””Nasir told this author that one night Salam fell down in his Trieste residence where he resided all alone. He was hurt and bled and lay on the floor all night as he could not get up. He also was unable to call anyone or raise any kind of alarm. Pierre Agbedjro, who used to drive his official car, went inside his residence around 7.00 AM the next morning and saw him lying where he had fallen.”” (see http://www.mujahidkamran.com/articles.php?id=44).

Apparently his Pakistani wife never wanted to live in Trieste as she felt lonely there. Salam suffered from PSP – para supranuclear palsy.  Salam seems to have moved back to London while he was dying and eventually died in the house of Dr. Napier, and he lived his final days there.  After Salam died, his body was transported to Rabwah for burial.  Dr. Napier and her son were also in attendance.  Their son was 22 years old.  We are not sure where his daughter was.  Aziza, the eldest daughter of Abdus Salam and probably all of her sisters and brothers were there.

Umar Salam and his mother visited GCU on January 22, 2003 on an invitation from the university. He says a ceremony was held at the Salam Hall, also named after the Nobel Prize winner. He remembers different speakers appreciated the services of the scientist on the occasion.

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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadyani Lied on his number of followers in Egypt(alexandria ) and Quoted (self made )congratulations on growth of his number of followers in 1907 through letter

.Can Any Ahmadi Update number of Ahmadis in Alexandria ? Are you people are more than stones and desert particulars as Quoted in letter to Mirza Qadyani .

Mirza says that as per letter received from alexandria (Egypt) in Jan 1907 , he got congratulations for his followers in Alexandria Egypt have expanded so much as are (more than) just like particulars and stones that be found in desert in 1907 – ( Reference :Roohani Khazyian 20-page 422 – Qadian Kay Aryiaa aur hum ) on foot notes by Quoting letter received on 23-January 1907 from (Egyptian) Ahmad Zahri Badaruudin .

Mirza also got Quoted him (Egyptian) saying that “Hardly any Non follower of him (mirza) can be found “


Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadyani loved to lied and Lied on his number of followers to fool the local people in his country .Mirza alleged man from Egypt to lie and cover up his lies.He cooked up story by letter written to him from Alexandria (Egypt)


Mufti Sadiq a Qadiani writer, at page 129 of his book Zikre Habib writes that once his 9 year old son saw a dream that a calamity is about to hit Jamaat Ahmadiyya people. So they need to sacrifice something to deter this. Hazrat Masih e Maoud (Mirza) ordered to slaughter 14 bucks (he-goats) to deter this calamity. He instructed his mureeds to sacrifice as per their financial position. An Ishtihar was published in Akhbar Albadr by Mufti Sadiq, in this regard as under:“The minor son of this humble writer saw a dream that a high intensity earth quake has to hit us. This earth quake appeared in the shape of a dog and said your jamaat should sacrifice. Then they will be spared. So hazrat e Aqdas (MGAQ) said member of our Jamaat should sacrifice and seek repentance from Allah.”Friends . See the level of fake prophet who is getting guidance from a minor Child,s dream.

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Why Qadanis take 4:69 (Quranic Verse) to shadow Prophet hood only , as per their own wrong Translation to Quran.

Ahmadis and Muslims differ with each other in their own translations of Holy Quran (although Context of arabic is same) . Ahmadis take Quranic verse 4:69 as to prove that Any one can acquire Prophethood if one is from the blessed one . But they are silent on how it is limited to “shadow Prophet hood ” I.e Mirza Ghulam Ahmad , and not to other .They are also silent that either any prophet can come after their (fake) prophet Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadyani .

How it is possible that companions of prophet ( Hazrat Muhammad pbuh ) could not acquire such prophet hood and neither the Tabyean did , but only Mirza Achieved such stage ?

Question to the Ahmadis: If you have inferred from the verse: [4:69]that the prophethood can be acquired by following Allah and his prophet. then why did you limit that prophethood to Shadow prophethood/non-independent/buruzi prophethood only!?The verse does not say that!!:” وَمَنْ يُطِعِ اللَّهَ وَالرَّسُولَ فَأُولَئِكَ مَعَ الَّذِينَ أَنْعَمَ اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِمْ مِنَ النَّبِيِّينَ وَالصِّدِّيقِينَ وَالشُّهَدَاءِ وَالصَّالِحِينَ وَحَسُنَ أُولَئِكَ رَفِيقًا (69) سورة النساءThe verse:[4:69] Those who obey Allah and the Messenger are with those whom Allah has blessed, namely, the Prophets, the Siddiqīn, the Shuhadā’ and the righteous. And excellent are they as companions.


.On 27 December, 1898 Mirza Ghulam Qadiani, published his book “Kashful Ghita”. As marked on the title page, the aim of writing of this book was to introduce Mirza, his Jamaat and his teachings, to the British Colonial Government and the refutation of the charges of opponents that they are anti government Jamaat. Mirza Sahib has appealed to the government officers that it will be a great favour and obligation upon the poor jamaat, if they read this book for the sake of honour and crown of the honourable Queen of England.At page 5 onward Mirza sahib writes:-“for about 19 years of my life I have been busy in publishing books in Arabic and Persian language addressing Muslims to serve this government sincerely and be loyal to them. I have sent these books to far flung countries like Arab, Kabul Syria. Although, some fool Mullahs declared me kafir or an agent of this government, due to these writings, Yet, I believe these books had great impact on the hearts of some wise peoples.”On 24 August, 1899, after about eight months of publication of “Kashful Ghita”, Mirza sahib published another booklet titled “SITARA QAISARAH”. On the title page, Mirza writes, this magazine describes the blessings of the reign of Holy Queen of England and the various heavenly and earthly blessings that have emerged in her holy time of queen ship. At page 4 of this booklet, Mirza sahib writes:- “The services, this humble self carried out for this government was that this humble self published 50 thousand books telling muslims that this government is our benefactor and we should obey it sincerely, pray for this state with deep heart. I have spread these books, magazines and advertisements in Urdu, Arabic and Persian in all islamic countries like Kustuntunia, cities of Syria, Egypt, Kabul and other cities of Afghanistan and to the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah. As a result of this people in hundreds of thousand left the idea of Jihad which have created in their hearts due to the teachings of these fool Mullahs.”In above two writings, at one place, Mirza sahib is referring to his services to the British Government and telling that it impacted some wise people. But after Eight months time he describes that his writings impacted hundreds of thousands of people. This contradiction in his statements proves that he was a liar not a Mahdi or Masih etc.(Kashful Ghita Rohani Khazain Vol-14 page 185Sitara Qaisarah Rohani Khazain Vol-15page 114)

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Mirza says ” The Muslims Ummah divided into 73 Firqa on 3rd century (Islamic) and no one agreed on Coming of Mahdi or Maseeh in same way” .He also lied on Beliefs of Sunni Muslims ,to fit himself in by Quoting Half of the hadees and took wrong meanings from it .

Mirza Qadyani claimed to be Mahdi and Maseeh but his own writings are controversial against his own claims . He says in Roohani Khazyian 22- page 44- Haqeeqatul Wahi that” Truth is this that Muslims divided int 73 Firqa and their beliefs were spreading against each other (Firqa) . Non of them believed ( with each other )in same way on coming of Mahdi and Maseeh . For example the mahdi of shias is in a cave and he has the real Holy Quran and companions of the prophet will become alive and he will take revenge from them on Seat of Khilafat . And for sunnis No Human is going to be born in a family nor will be in times of Eisa .Some people say that he will be descendant of Fatima While other say that he will be from Bani Abbass, While others go for thinking on hadees that he will be One man . Some say Mahdi will come in Mid of times and then Eisa will come after that. They present the hadeeses on it . Some say that Mahdi and Eisa are not two distinct personalities but is one .They present “LA MAHDI ILLA EISA” Hades on it .( etc etc )

While on other hand I have seen ahamdis show them self as 73rd Firqa and call them self as “successful FIRQA” and call their Islam as “real islam” . while above quotation is itself from Mirza Sb to say that 73 firqas had been developed in 3rd century .Mirza Didnot knew what he was writing and neither his followers knows the Actual Writings of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadyani .Sunni Muslims never believed in coming of One personality (Eisa and Mahdi) to be one .This was a clear lie on Sunni Muslims (Majority of followers ) >he also Quoted part words of hadees , LA MAHDI ILLA EISA .This is a full hadees in which Holy prophet pbuh have told about Two Distinct Personalities . Mirza Only took few words from hadees and took his desired meaning . I have noted that even today some ahamdis quote this hadees in their favor but donot know the full hadees and reference .


Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan who was a richest follower of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani to whom Mirza sahib got his under aged daughter Mubaraka Begum married, at the age of 11 against a dower money of Rs. 56,000/-, while groom was probably in his fifties.
In all of the Qadiani books he has been mentioned as the Nawab of the State of Malir Kotla in the Punjab Province of British India. Qadiani writers also give the title of Nawab to Mubaraka Begum by writing her name as “Nawab Mubaraka Begum”.
In his book Izala Auham part 2 page 525 Mirza Ghulam Qadiani mentions Muhammad Ali Khan in the following words:-
“Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan Sahib is Raees (Chief) from the family of Riasat Malir Kotla. He belonged to a noble family of Chiefs of Malirkotla. Nawab sahib is from the linage of Shaikh SadrJehan, a saint and founder of the State of Malir, and son of Nawab Ghulam Muhammad Khan.”
A search into the State of Malirkotla and its Rulers (Nawabs), reveals that neither Muhammad Ali Khan nor his father, said to be Nawab Ghulam Muhammad Khan has been mentioned in the list of rulers of Malir kotla State. (1672-15th August,1947.)
It has been further revealed that most of the population of Malirkotla are Muslims which is present there even after partition of India in 1947. Whereas no trace of Qadianism is found in that State. Qadiani books also confirm that Muhammad Ali Khan had left Malirkotla and had permanently settled in Qadian during the life time of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani.
Tareekh Ahmadia states that, after her marriage in 1908, mother Nusrat Jehan accompanied Mubaraka Begum to the house of Muhammad Ali Khan, and handed her over to him at his house, the stairs of which were adjacent to the house of Mirza in Qadian. Qadiani books do not mention as to why a nawab has left his ancestral state and settled in Qadian.

Threats By Mirza Qadyani to his son for end of relationship over matter of Mohammadi begum (heavenly wife) that got married by relatives outside Qadian.Mirza Ordered his own son to divorce his wife over his antagonism against relatives .

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadyani was so much energetic and oppressive against his own relatives and even with his sons from first wife ( to whom he use to call as Phajhay diii Mann ) , that he issued warnings( as rebuttal ) and threats to his relatives after all his relatives showed their opposition in matter of Mirza One sided affair and love for mohammadi begum . He use to call Mohammadi begum as promised (heavenly wife) Urdu : Armani Mankooha .

As reported in Book Seertul Mahdi ” Quotation no: 37 , by Mirza Basshir M.A writes down that ” Stated by Amma Jan ( wife of Mirza) that After Mohammadi Begum got married at other place , all the relatives of qadyian showed their opposition against Hazrat sahb (Mirza) and tried efforts against him , and all sided with Ahmad Baig I.e father i.e Mohammadi begum , and thus arranged the marriage other wise (I.e not with mirza qadyani) , then Hazrat sahb (mirza) wrote letters to Mirza Sultan Ahmad and Mirza fazal Ahmad (his own sons from first wife ) that all opposed me (in matter of mohammadi begum marriage proposal ) , now even our graves cannot be united at one place .If you want to have relationship with me then you have to terminate your relationship with them , and if you want to have relationship with them then I cannot have relationship with you . I shall disinherit you in such situation .Walida sahiba ( wife of Mirza) told me that Fazal Ahamd that I am under so much indebted (due to Good relations) from Tayii ( auntie of fazal ) and I cannot end relationship with her .but he (Fazal Ahmad) also wrote that I cannot end my relationship with you as I am your relative . Then Hazrat Sahb (mirza) said(means wrote) that If this is right then you divorce your wife daughter of Mirza Ali shair as She was so much in opposition and was niece of Mirza Ahmad Baig . Mirza Fazal immediately wrote divorce deed and send it to Hazrat Sahb ( Mirza Qadyani) .Fazal Ahamd was so much shy and use to stay with his but due to curse of second wife he went and sided with relatives in the end . (bla Bla bla)

Conclusion :

Mirza Qadyani Use to call Mohammadi begum as promised by God to get in Marriage with him . He used all dirty Tactics to get her . He used to call her as ” Heavenly wife ” Asmani Mankooha “. He also wrote letters to all relatives over begging and threatening them that Mohammadi begum and asking for her hand in marriage , but after she got married with Sultan Baig (Patti India ) , he never quitted .He continued his dirty tactics even threatened his own sons to to end their relationship with relatives .And even to Divorce their own wife over his matter (one way love ) . ( writer )

Funny Philosophical arguments by Mirza Qadyani for God`s Entity , against concept of Trinity .Mirza says ” Air is of round shape”

Roohani Khazyian 17-page 319 – chapter :Toufa Golriya

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadyani was on Opium . He used strange and funny arguments against Christians to prove “Oneness” of God against Concept and beliefs of Trinity .He was more a laughing stuff for his opponents .

Mirza Qadyani said that Allah has created everything which proves his Oneness (rather than trinity ). He says that All things are made Round shaped by God. He says as God has made universe on round shape and not on pattern of three . He says universe made in Round shape and drop of water is also of round shape and all stars that are seen are also of round shape and Air is also of Round shape .Bla bla Bla .

Conclusion : We all know that Allah has made men and women in pair .All other creatures are created in pairs . There are so many things Allah has created that are not round . The arguments of Mirza was a arguments of a drug addicted guy . He was a laughing stuff for all Christians and was a more damage to islam , rather than convincing people on solid arguments .

Mirza Mahmoud did not believed in Quranic verse 3:55 as prove for the death of Hazrat Eisa e.a. However Qadyani Mullahs present this verse against their own Khalifas .

Khutbatay Mahmoud Page 71- year 1936

Most of the Qadyanis present 3:55 as prove to show to Muslims that Jesus e.s (hazrat Eisa) e.s has died and Muslims & Christians are wrong in their beliefs that Hazrat Eisa e.s was risen to Sky.( Qadyanis use word intentionally heaven) .

إِذْ قَالَ ٱللَّهُ يَـٰعِيسَىٰٓ إِنِّى مُتَوَفِّيكَ وَرَافِعُكَ إِلَىَّ وَمُطَهِّرُكَ مِنَ ٱلَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا۟ وَجَاعِلُ ٱلَّذِينَ ٱتَّبَعُوكَ فَوْقَ ٱلَّذِينَ كَفَرُوٓا۟ إِلَىٰ يَوْمِ ٱلْقِيَـٰمَةِ ۖ ثُمَّ إِلَىَّ مَرْجِعُكُمْ فَأَحْكُمُ بَيْنَكُمْ فِيمَا كُنتُمْ فِيهِ تَخْتَلِفُونَ

Actual Translation : Remember˺ when Allah said, “O Jesus! I will take you1 and raise you up to Myself. I will deliver you from those who disbelieve, and elevate your followers above the disbelievers until the Day of Judgment. Then to Me you will ˹all˺ return, and I will settle all your disputes. 

However Mirza Mahmoud has clearly and expressly written that these verses donot prove the death of Jesus (esia e.s) .He says even if whole world is on one side and want to show some one as dead and God is on one side , they cannot prove . He says this verse ( 3:55) cannot prove Jesus as dead , and it is wastage of my time to argue .

Conclusion : Qadyani Mullahs versus their Own Mullahs are not on one line with each other regarding Quranic Verse 3:55

Molvi Yar Mohammad (Qadyani companion) was mad and use to think about himself to be Pasr Maoud (Son of Mirza )and Muslah Maoud in his love for Mirza Qadyani , as written in Khutbatay Mahmoud

Khutbatay Mahmoud – page 733- 1936

Thus is reported in “Khutbatay Mahmoud ” about Molvi Yar Mohammad that ” He was a complete believer but People use to call him mad. May Allh forgive him as he was my teacher .he was companion of Maseeh maoud elih sallam ( Mirza Qadyani) .He had got some malfunction in his brain . This malfunction was due to his love that he use to consider himself as Lover of Maseeh Maoud ( Mirza Qadyani) . Due to his love , he use to think that Maseeh maoud elh sallam (Mirza qadyani) had made him as pasr Maseeh (son of maseeh) and Musslah Maoud .Once it happened that Maseeh maoud (mirza qadyani) was in habit to talk in such sentiments (emotions) that he use to take his hands towards laps .In such way he was saying some words that Molvi year Mohamamd jumped and sat on near him (mirza) .On such people asked him that why he did such a thing , he (Molvi year mohammad0 replied that maseeh maoud elh sallam (mirza) made such signals and such signals towards me that you to come forwards that’s why I jumped towards him. (Bla bla bla)

Conclusion : Bunch of mad Qadyani Mullahs and their contemplation .