Angel “Taechi Taechi” of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadyani and it`s role in financial success.

Roohani Khazyian 22- page 346 – Haqeqatul Wahi Mirza Qadyani writes

On 5th March 1905 I have seen a Dream , A person seems to be angel came in front of me and put so much money on my Lap .I asked his name and he said I have no name . I asked again that (you) must have a name then he replied that my name is Taechi Taechi .The word taechi is a Punjabi word and it means to help on time . Then I woke up .After that from god , and from post and directly from people I got so much Fianancial successes (Mali Fatoohat) .

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