Mirza gave an Undertaking in the courts to not to Pass death Prophecies/use harsh words

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad use to pass death prophecies against his opponents and treat it as his Test of being “prophet from God” or “Imposter “.However On non completion of death prophecies , he use to have alternative metaphorical excuses for non completion of prophecy . He wrote harsh words against Molvi sannullah as well , and that ultimately resulted that Mirza was compelled by court order dated 23-August-1897 in a case of breach of peace (107 Criminal procedure code) and was refrained to pass death prophecies or disgrace any person (Al barriyah 261 ). Mirza Also gave undertaking that he would not use such language (tableeg-i-risalat vol.6 page 168 )He denied it but gave an undertaking on 25-Feb-1899 in court of Mr.M.Douie (district magistrate Gurdaspur. ( Qadiani Mazhab, page 456-458 Tableegh-i-Risalat Vol.8 page 44 )

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