Mirza Qadyani lied twice on Bukhari Shareef with specific Quotation of Fake Arabic Words About Mahdi

Mirza Qadyani use to lie that such and such things are written in Hadees , but fact was that the Quoted thing was never Written in Hadees or Quoted Book. Here in Roohani Khazyian Vol.6 -page 337 -Shahdatul Qur’an Mirza writes specifically mentions two times”Bukhari ” and call it “with great status ” that from sky voice will come that (ARABIC) HAZA KHALIFATUL ALLAH MAHDI ” (translation) This is Mahdi Khalifa of God .

Comments : The Fact is that this hadees never existed nor even any hadees exists which can have similar or metaphoric meanings of quoted Arabic Words by Mirza . This was academic dishonesty of Mirza Qadyani in his writings and a wicked way to justify his status aand claim of Mahdi . Mirza Qadyani took full advantage of Illiteracy of innocent people. In this age of technology it is easy to verify something Quoted or Unquoted by a specific writer .

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