Mirza Qadyani meet with Dr.Mirza Yaqoub Baig in Hira Mandi(Red Light area) & Presence of Hakeem Sb.

As per Book from Yadd e Raftagan ( Tazkirah Insaar Ahamdia ) by Ahamdia Anjuman Ishhatay Islam , a book written on companions of Mirza Qadyani and their life history by (Lahori- Ahamdia sect ) Dr. Mirza Yaqoub Baig (companion of Mirza qadyani) said that He mentioned about his accepting ahamdiat (religion) and he had chance to see/meet Mirza Ghulam Ahamd Qadyani ( Ahamdia prophet )In red Light Area (pleasure area) of Hira Mundi Lahore at Mahboob Aryian`s place for the first time being part of second year student in medical College at age of 18/19 in 1891 . He further Quoted that he had chance to have hug with Hakeem Nooruddin and he felt such an experience which he never had .

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