Man of Diseases .Mirza Qadyani use to go to washroom 100 times a day as per Reported in Ahamdiyya books

Roohani Khazyian and seertul Mahdi ( ahmadiyya Books ) reveal that Mirza was a man suffering from several diseases . He use to to go to washroom 100 times a day for Urine and was a patient of Sugar, headache , Blood pressure problem , Vanishing of Pulse , Diarrhea and was having excessive problem of passing stool , although Mirza in another place is also Quoting God that “God is contractor of his health” .

QUOTATIONS ( All parts of pages combined in one scan page for view)

Seertul Mahid by Mirza Bashir Page no. 12 part 1

Roohani khazyian 17 – page 471 -arbyean No.4

Roohani khazyian 19 -page 435 -Naseem dawat

Roohani Khazyian 19-page 434 -Naseem dawat


Ahamdis use to Quote Hazrat Ayub E.s and his medical Problems , but(rebuttal) is the fact that Allah took away all his problems by payers and Hazrat Ayub never claimed “god to be contractor” of his health , while mIrza suffered all these medical problems till his death .

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