Mirza Ghulam Ahmad never sat of Eitkaf , never Paid Zakat & Sadqa & never did Tasbeeh

Ahmadi’s (Qadyanis) run around on social media making arguments for Ahmadiyya, however, they know nothing, they have never done any substantial homework in Islam or Ahmadiyya. I recently had an Ahmadi argue that chanda was the same as Zakat. Ahamdis have been brainwashed to believe as such, its not his fault, but the problem is, he never double checks the Ahmadi mullahs who serve these lies to him constantly. Nevertheless, Mirza Qadyani never paid Zakat and never even paid Sadaqa, he never gave any money to any islamic organizations in British-India, instead he forced his followers to pay him heavily. In fact, MGA never fasted during ramadhan and never paid any fidya (eid tax for the poor).All his family was enjoying money paid in form of charity .

The reference
“Doctor Mir Muhammad Ismail Saheb narrated to me that hazrat Promised Messiah never performed Hajj, never gave Zakat, never sat in Etikaf (extra worship during the last 10 nights of the month of Ramadhan), never kept a Tasbih and in my presence he refused to eat tropical sand lizard…  This humble self submits… he probably sat in Etikaf before his commissioning. Later on, he did not do Etikaf because of the pen crusades he waged and other engagements… And he did not give Zakat because it never accrued to him.” (Seerat-ul-Mahdi, Vol. 3, P. 119; by Mirza Bashir Ahmad)

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