Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadyani claimed that He was Krishna ( Hindu god )for hindus as well beside other titles.

Page -2 – Volume 2 -part 2 -Albushra 
” I have Twice seen in Roya (dream) that Hindus were bowing down as SAJDA (prostration) in front of me and calling me as avtar and Krishna and were giving NAZR (Something given as Food items by Hindus to gods to fulfil their requests).”””

Reference of alhakm is also noted on page as reported from Alhakam -vol.6-number 15 -page number 8- published 24-April 1902 )

Al Bushra – Year 20-oct-1903

” In Evening time Hazroor (MIRZA QADYANI) narrated Old narration like this that One Big Square is lying on floor between Hindus . And i am Sitting among them . One Hindu point out towards other (hindu) that where is krishna ? The person to whom question is asked point towards me that here is krishna. The all the hindus started giving me money , NAZAR ( requests made to fulfill requests infront of God) Then among all the people one shouted ” HAY KRISHAN JEE ROO DAAR GOOPAL “.(also printed in Al badar -Vol.2 no.47-p.374- 16 dec-1903)

Roohani khazyian 20- page 228 – lecture Sialko (Three quotes on same page)

” thus I am in the color of Krishna ……..”

” I am Krishna for hindus and Maseeh Maoud for Muslims and Christians”

Foot Notes : This was promise of god to send his Baroz (Picture) I.e Avatar .This promise has been fulfilled by my appearance . I was told by revelations totally that I am

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