Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadyani had to Discover the meaning of Ilhams ” PERATION, UMER BRATOUS,BAPLATOUS” upon him .

Al Bushra ( Ilhamat Part 1 )137 Number
Ilham Quoted in page no 50 ” PERATION- UMER BARATOUS – BAPALATOUS ” . Note : Due to hurry i did not know that Last word is PARHTOUS Or BAPALATOUS. and on Number two the word umar is arabic. Now in this place meanings of BARATOUS and PERATON have to be discovered that what are these and which language does they belong. (As written in Maktoobatay Ahamdia – vol:1 – page 68- date of nazoul of ilham 12 dec- 83 ).

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