Second Ahmadi (Qadyani) Khalifa went to Opera In France with Chaudry ZafarUllah to see “Naked ” part of society

As per Reported In Fazal Qadian 28 Jan 1934 and as well authenticated by Khutbatay Mahmoud 17 Jan 1934 , Second Khalifa wrote that” On my Going to England I specially wanted to see “that” part of European Society but I could not get a chance while my stay in England .On Our return back I asked Chaudry Zafrullah Khan to show me such a place where I can see naked part of society .He was not wellaware of france but he took me to Opera , and I could not remember name of Opera .Chuadry Sb said that this is Upper part of society and you can think their Condition. As I had a Eye sight problem to see things from far , and I came to know that billions of ladies were sitting . I asked them are they are naked ? He said NO but they have wear clothes but still look like naked .They have gowns like that , that every part of their body look like naked ….

Conclusion : Second Khalifa went to see OPERA and Naked part of society .

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