The 99 names invented for Mirza Ghulam Ahmad by Mir Mohammad Ismail (Qadyani Companion) including some Un Islamic names .

We have a 10+ man/woman team wherein we research Ahmadiyya and post results.  They have recently posted a scan of the Al-Fazl magazine of 1937.  In this issue of the Al-Fazl, it is reported that MGA had 99 names, which is ridiculous.  See for yourself…

The scan

Reported through the writings of Mir Mohammad Ismail , that as he was while lying on bed and invented 99 names of mirza qadyani , as he says that there are also 99 names of Allah and holy prophet pbuh , so he collected all his names which became 99.

The most interested thing is that few names of mirza qadyanis were unislamic which are at no. 59 king of ariyans , 60. Krishna. 61 rodargopal 62 , Amin Malik jayyy Singh Bahadhar 63 . Barhaman ootarrr ( second coming of Brahman ) 64 adhan. 80. Rajal min fairs ( man from Persia ) 85 . Moon 86. Sun etc etc

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