Mirza Qadyani Allowed prostitute income to be used for his Religion .

Seertul Mahdi -Quotation no.272 – By Mirza Bashir M.A ( on authority of Mian Abdullah Sanoori )

” Stated to me by Mian Abdullah Sahib that Once a person asked Fatwa (religious decision) that one of my sister was Prostitute .She earned that money in those circumstances and died .I got all the inheritance and later on Allah gave me chance to repent an rectify myself.Now what should I do with this Money . Hazrat Sahib (Mirza) answered that In my opinion such money can be used in service of Islam & then gave an Example that if a Man is attacked by a Insane , and he does not have a stick or stone to defend himself and just have few money coins in the shit , and unless he does not throw away those coins at that Dog, so to consider that this money is lying in shit (is wrong) never . Now a days the situation of Islam is such that I say that this money be used for service of Islam ……………..bla bla

3 thoughts on “Mirza Qadyani Allowed prostitute income to be used for his Religion .

  1. Because Mirza Qadiani was a male prostitute and that was a big source of his income thats why he used prostitute income


    1. Well all the money which comes in your hand, do you know where it has been, which people used it before you ? You will be asked to what YOU did with the money, and not those who had before it did it with it or how they earned it. Same as when non-muslims say that the Holy Prophet ﷺ took the looting of battles and used it for his own sake, don’t you think that you are making the same mistake as them ??


  2. Dear Bilal Chaudry Sb ! Don’t you think that one should know that from which source money is coming, BEFORE HE DECIDES TO SPEND UPON HIS RELIGION….CASE IS THAT . Here Mirza Ghulam Qadyani knew the source of income (as told by person to him, that it was his prostitute sister that earned the money ) , secondly he then (after he knew the source) allowed it to use for Ahamdiat . Now I presume that you don’t know the difference between Looting and getting benefit from the assets of war .I know you being Ahmadi cannot tell the difference .Time to think – Best Regards MIRZABAIG


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