Mirza Qadyani Called “his signs to be more than 10000” . And Compared Suleh Hadibeah prophecy of Holy prophet pbuh not completed on time & miracles of Holy Prophet PBUH to be 3000 “on another page while admitting his failure & people`s fun on Atham & Ahmad baig prophecy .

A- Did Mirza Qadyani have more signs based on prophecies than miracles of Holy prophet Hazrat Mohammad pbuh . B- Why Mirza mentioned Suleh hadibeah as non completed prophecy while admitting his prophecies regarding Atham & Shame baig

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadyani called his Prophecies dependent upon signs to be Open and were upto standards and can prove that have completed & more than 10000(Ten thousand) in Roohani Khazyian 21- Page 72- Nusratul Haq .

While in his writings he Criticizes that “(some peoplemention ) Again & Again ATHAM and Ahmad Baig (is same as ) and that wicked person don’t mentioned those 3000 Miracles that were seen and mention Suleh Hadibieaha that did not completed on time .(roohani Khazyian 17-page 153-Toufa Golria )

Comments : I have experienced that whenever we Muslims talk about Mohammad begum(heavenly wife of Mirza ) , Atham , prophecy about Bashir 1 with Ahmadis , they usually turn towards Suleh Hadibeah & Prophecy of Holy Prophet PBUH to do hajj and show that those prophecies never got completed & link it with time . Mirza Himself points out that these were the acts of wicked people and further he adds prophecies of Holy prophet around 3000 , which if read with his mother writings is shameful that he mentions his signs o be around 10000. Ahmadi Mullahs adopts total opposite way to mention Suleh Hadibeah , and go against Mirza Qadyani .

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