Mirza Qadyani ( Nick name Sindhi) -Killer of Sparrows in his childhood Quotation no.51 Seertul Mahdi by Mirza Bashir M.A

Quotation no. 51 – In the name of God Most gracious most merciful . Stated to me by Walida sahiba (wife of Mirza) that your grandmother use to live in Aima District Hoshiarpur.Hazrat Sb use to tell that we have gone many times their in Aima in childhood. Walida sahiba said Hazrat Sahb use to catch sparrows their. If he could not get knife then he use to slaughter their heads with edged thing (Kunda). Some Old women came from Aima and said in their talk that SINDHI use to catch sparrows in their village . Walida sahiba could not understand that what they mean by SINDHI . In the last she came to know that by Sindhi they mean Hazrat Sahib (Mirza Qadyani) .

Comments From Blogger : Qadyanis use to counter it that eating sparrows is allowed in Islam . But No place eating is mentioned . further in Childhood Mirza use to slaughter their heads from knife and on non availability of knife , he use the edged thing (Kunda) .This is not pointing towards having sparrows for dinner or Lunch , but shows the wild and aggressive nature of Mirza Qadyani during his childhood .

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