Even false prophets have more followers , And Actual prophets can even be with Less. Masleema Kazab Attracted One hundred Thousand Followers in One month . (By Mirza Qadyani)

I have observed that Qadyanis present the fake argument unsupported by Qur’an or Hadees that they are growing in numbers , so they are on right Path and their claim is that they are this “real Islam “. They are involved in population Fraud as well regarding their Numbers and people in their jammat . Even few people in some countries are counted and claimed by Ahmadis that ” they are present in 206 countries “. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadyani had different belief system . he says that even Actual prophets will be with few followers while fake prophets had captured Millions of followers .Mirza says (In Roohani Khazyian) that Even Masleema Kazab attracted more than one hundred thousand followers just in one month . Same is writte n in Maktoobat (letters of Mirza Qadyani)

Attached are scans to show to Ahmadis to stop their claims to be truthful on basis of their Population Fraud .

Roohani Khazyian 17- Page 187 -Toufa Golrhiya

Roohani Khazyian 3- Paige 244- Azala Oham

Matoobat – Page 656 -Vol.1

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