Ahmadi mullahs have one policy for themselves , while another for Ahmadi Women (Ljnas)

Mirza Masrror in 2018 even gave threat of using his right (IKHRAJH) against Ahmadi Women and throw them out from (Ahmadi) Jamat if they don’t observe Parda (see my separate post on it) . he Criticized Ahmadi women for their Ultra Modern Trends . But for ahmadi Mullahs, they are allowed to shake hands , have photo sessions and Eye to eye contact , Seminars , use market Girls for Marketing religion , Discussions , Interviews with Non Mahram Ladies of west . Mirza Masrror `s pictures are available all over the net while having eye to eye contact with ladies (& As an excuse Ahmadi mullahs call it Interviews )

Mirza Masrror or Earlier Ahmadi Khlifas never brought their own ladies in Ameen Ceremoney nor in any Public speeches , and this all rules and Applications are for Ahmadi women and to oppress them .Their Own Cult (ladies) are under severe oppression and strict instructions to wear Parda, while their own families have different stories .

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