Ahmadiyya (Qadyani) and their lies on Ibn Taymiyyah / Academic Dishonesty

Ahmadi’s (Qadyanis) are the most academically dishonest people in the world.  This has proven from independent authors as well as Islamic authors.  Pappas mentioned it in terms of “Jesus in India”   His name is also sometimes spelled as Ibn Taimiyyah.  Another famous case of Ahmadiyya and is same as the academic dishonest is in terms of Aisha (ra) and her comments on the end of prophethood.

What did MGA write on Ibn Taymiyya?
it is unknown as to what Mirza Qadyani wrote on this scholar.  Ahmadi’s normally avoid Mirza anyways nor Talk about his standing on IBN Taymiyyah .However I am in search of more material on IBN TAYMIYYAH .

Ibn Taymiyyah on the death of Esa (as)?
Ibn Taymiyyah believed that Esa (As) was physically RAFFA towards Allah (heaven) and would physically return to Earth in the future.  He never believed that Esa (As) traveled to India and lived an additional 90+ years and was buried in Kashmir or Any person “Maseel Maseeh” would be coming instead .  He also believed that Esa (as) would be returning, not someone in his likeness.

Ahmadi Answers website quotes

“God has informed, in regard to the Messiah, that he told people only to worship God, ‘my Lord and your Lord’; and he was a witness of them so long as he was among them, but after his death (wafat) only God was the Watcher over them. So if some people have misreported him, or misinterpreted his words, or deliberately altered the religion he brought, the Messiah cannot be held responsible for it, for he was only a messenger whose duty was just the delivery of the message.” (Al-Jawwab as-Sahih )

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Thanks to the writer of https://ahmadiyyafactcheckblog.com/ that I use to get the data and in verification process of the writings and purpose is to duplicate /copy the Hard work done with my own view on it .


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