Mirza Qadyani Promised to give (Gift) to Mammou(uncle) on Marriage with Mohammadi begum (for his one way love/heavenly wife ) Quotation no.179-Seertul mahdi by Mirza Bashir M.A

Seertul Mahdi is the Best Book to see the wicked hidden real character of Mirza Qadyani . Big Murrabis turn the discussion away from Seertul mahdi written by Mirza Bashir M.A and have written in detail about Mirza Qadyani .

Here Mirza is reported to be in contact with Real Uncle (mammou)of Mohammadi begum (promised by God to give Mohammadi begum in marriage to Mirza)called as Heavenly Wife by Mirza Himself , about who mirza Qadyani has passed many prophecies to get her hand in marriage . Mirza Was even shameful to pass prophecies even after her marriage with Sultan baig , but Dirty Tactics played included offering and promise of the “gift” and Mammou was also written to contact Mirza Qadyani for the Gift in giving / making arrangements with Mohammadi begum(niece of Mirza) with Mirza Qadyani .It is also written that this person (mammou) was with bad intentions and became reason of Mohammadi begum getting married outside . Imagine type of people around Mirza Qadyani and people with whom Mirza Had promised to give “Gift” just for sake of his one way Love with Mohammadi Begum .

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