22 dancing girls were brought to Qadian by the Mirza family (1848-ish)

MGA came from a family of Sunni’s.  However, none of them were religious at all, in-fact, MGA and his cousin went on to start new religions in British-India.  They were both above the law and hence ran free in British-India.  Some additional proof can be found in the story of MGA’s wedding, Dard tells us that MGA’s wedding was very simple and not like his brothers wedding.  MGA was barely 12-13 years old when he got married in roughly 1853.  This was the classic child marriage.  When MGA’s elder brother got marred in Qadian in roughly 1848, the Mirza family imported 22 dancing girls.

22 dancing girls were imported all the way to Qadian
Dard, page 38,

“””When Ahmadwas about 16 years of age he was married to Hurmat Bibi, the daughter of his maternal uncle, Mirza Jami‘at Baig. It is significant that the marriage of his elder brother Mirza Ghulam Qadir with Hurmat Bibi, the daughter of Mirza Ghulam Muhyuddin, had been celebrated in the same house for several days with great pomp and ceremony; and it is said that there were provided twenty-two dancing girls to entertain the guests on that occasion. But as a fitting contrast to all this, there was nothing of the kind at the marriage of Ahmadas, which was celebrated in a simple manner and strictly in accordance with the teachings of Islam. The first son was born when Ahmadas was about 18 or 19 years of age. The child was named Mirza Sultan Ahmad. Two years later was born the second son, Mirza Fadl Ahmad.””””

Where was MGA when the girls were dancing??
The case of the wall proves that MGA and his entire family lived in close-quarters.  My question is as follows:

1.  Where was MGA while these girls turned the Mirza family housing area into a strip club?  Why did Dard leave out this info?

MGA was irreligious, as was his entire family at Qadian.  They were land-grabbers and hence lived like kings in British-India.  Ironically, in 2010, Masroor Ahmad kicked out 20+ Ahmadis for dancing at a wedding in Virginia.

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