Hakeem Noor-ud-Din(First Qadyani Khalifa) was stopped by Ilham of Mirza from Reading certain Book .Ilham also contained “big fat Abuse” to writer of book.

As per reported in Al-Fazal daily Qadyian – 23 OCT 1936 reported from past (scan attached with portion readable in Urdu) Hakeem Noor ud Din was stopped by Mirza Qadyani from his God , by revelation to Strictly prohibited to read “one of the book ” by the opponent (Ram Mohan ray) .The Angel also used a “Big Fat Abuse ” as per Mirza Qadyani for the writer of the book .

In Urdu : Farshty nay iss kouu pass kar ask Fiqra banaya, aur Barhiii Mooti Gaaliii dy car Kaha Kay isss ……..diii kitab nahi parhni “

Comments : I have to discuss with people in research or Qadyani Murrabis that why certian book was stopped to be read by Hakeem Sb .

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