Hakeem Nooruddin (First Qadyani Khalifa) fell off of his horse in the winter of 1909 and was dragged for miles by horse . His miserable death includes so many diseases and pain.

Ahamdis love to talk on death of Zia ul haq , King Faisal and those politicians that didnot supported Ahmadia religion and link their way of death with Truth of their religion but hardly any Ahmadi knows that How First Ahmadi Khalifa Hakeem noor ud din died . They always avoid pasting his real Picture and add another sketch to show him some Siant of Pious leader of their Khilafat .

Hakeem Noorudin dictated a book , it was titled as “”Mirqatul yaqeen fi hayat e Nooruddin”” (published in 1912) by Akbar Shah Khan of Najibabad before his death. In 1904, during Mira Qadyani`s ’s life, “Nur ud Din” was published, this book seems to be an extension that.  Ahmadiyya sources in english barely give us any details in terms of how Nooruddin was violently dragged by horse for what seems to be several miles and suffered which lead to Puss , diseases etc . He was dragged so bad that his leg had to be amputated and he became totally bed-ridden for the last 3-4 years of his life. Mirqatul Yaqeen was then published in the 1950’s with many edits (by the Lahori-Ahmadi’s), and then again in the 1970’s with heavy editing. The controversial line was as follows: “”that Hazrat Umar (ra) was a khalifa of a Prophet and now his son (i.e Nuruddin) is the first Khalifa of a Prophet””.

It is written that he suffered Wounds after fall from his Horse , This lead to Puss for which he was operated later . He started walking with stick and started using socks in Winter .He faced pain while to climb stairs and Mahmoud ahmed use to pray on his place for leading prayers .He suffered as per doctors Tuberculosis and fever and Cough and later died . HE died on Friday 13 March 1914 .

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