Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadyani probably On Opium 24/7

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (MGA) was high on opium like every single say, since this youth.  This is probably why his father considered him a loser.  Mirza Qadyani was the classic “lazy-worthless-useless-punjabi-boy-challa”.  As a result of this, MGA also used opium for his entire life, and his doctors kept him alive every time he overdosed. However, after his brother died, MGA became rich overnight and Nooruddin tempted him to make some audacious claims and then stayed on as his Imam and chief ghost-writer.  

In the below, you will see a quote from the major biography written by MGA’s only college educated son, Mirza Bashir Ahmad, this was written during a time wherein Ahmadis were never persecuted, they were never harassed and had full govt. protection to sell their poison.  Thus, Ahmadis were bolder in this era, and accidentally told the truth.

Further, in this quote, it is obvious that MGA was sooooo high on opium, his handmaidens and other women who frolicked around his house, and also gave him massages, they never did any kind of “purdah” from MGA, since MGA was blind, or so high on opium, he couldnt see around him, or even understand who he was talking to.  Enjoy the quote:

The Quote
The women folk around hazrat (Mirza ) never believed in covering themselves properly in front of him because his eyes were always almost shut. Some of the women would even say, that he (Mirza ) has no eyes at all. Even when he would go out on walks, he would be discussing about someone as if that person was not there, although the person would be walking right next to him and only after he was informed about it would he know that the person is right next to him. 
Once a photographer was brought to Qadian, to take his photograph. The photographer said to him, ”Huzoor(Mirza) , please keep your eyes open, or the picture won’t turn out be nice.” He (Mirza ) tried his best to keep open his eyes but failed to do so and his eyes went back to being droopy”
(Seerat al Mahdi Vol.1 Pg.364)

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