Mirza Qadyani claimed himself to be Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) ` and his shadow and not a separate entity (with Scan )

There are many references and writings in which Mirza Ghulam ahmad Qadyani claimed himself to b Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him . I have seen most of the ahmadis are ignorant of the fact and have never read the objectionable part of Ahmadiya Writings . Ahmadis(Qadyanis from Ahmadi side and Lahori side ) are shown “cherry pick” writings and small references to show Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadyani as Mahdi and Maseeh Maoud ( Promised Massiah) although word “mahdi and Maseeh Maoud , and Something called Shadow (Zill) prophet or Barozi prophet has never been mentioned in Quran , nor in Authenticated hadeeses . These are very serious claims , on Muslims differ with Ahmadis beside claims of Continuation of Prophet hood.

Roohani Khazyian 18 page number 381-Nazoul Maseeh Mirza Qadyani Writes in foot notes

” I am Rasoul and Nabi (messenger and Prophet) it means Complete in form of Shadow .I am that Mirror in which face of Mohammad and prophet hood of Mohammad can be seen .If I was separate claimant of prophet hood , then Allah( God) had not named me Mohammad , Ahmad , Mustafa & Mujtaba nor could had named me Khatim ul Ambiya and Khatim Ul Aulia but I could had come by different name .But Allah (God) had entered me in every sense in entity of Mohammad .Even (God) had not wanted to name me separately or my grave should had been separate , because shadown never differentiate from it`s Actual (base).

Comments : Please add PBUH while reading word mohammad (pbuh) .So many places word Mohammadi and Mohammad was used without PBUH from Mirza Qadyani . Secondly I suggest to Ahmadis/ Qadyanis to get the full page translated by themselves as these claims are totally differentiate a Muslim from Mirza Qadyani . Muslims believe that Holy propet Hazrat Mohammad pbuh was without shadow and No one can even be like him .Thus claims of Mirza & partial reincarnation does not stand on it`s footings as per Qur’an and Sunnah (ADMN MIRZA1BAIG).

Comment 2 : Most of the Qadyanis say /claim that they believe in Holy prophet Mohammad pbuh as Muslims do , but they are unaware from the Actual claims of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadyani and don’t want to argue on the writings of Mirza Qadyani nor want to discuss his Personality .

Mirza Qadyani in Roohani khazyian Vol.18 Page 207 Ek Ghalti Ka Izala Quoted One verse from Qur’an “Mohammad (PBUH) Massengeer of Allah and (persons) with him are Strong (in opposition) upon Non believers and humble between themselves ” In that revelatios I am named Mohammad and Massenger as well.(FULL PAGE SCAN IS ALSO AGAIN ATTACHED DOWN as well )

3 thoughts on “Mirza Qadyani claimed himself to be Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) ` and his shadow and not a separate entity (with Scan )

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