Mirza Qadyani gave example of Opium Addict to humiliate and link it with beliefs of Shias and Christians

Scan Attached : Malfoozat by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadyani page no.13 . He write down the example of Opium Addict that used loota( poor to clean excrements of humans) and gave the example and linked it with beliefs of Shias and Christains . Mirza Qadyani had no respect for the opponents and that also caused a reason of Non Muslims writing against Islam and Islamic Personalities . Mirza Qadyani never believed in slogan “love for All , hatred for none ” as this slogans was later on added in their religion by Mirza Nasir ( III rd Qadyani Khalifa) .

He writes :

On his objection,  I just got remembered story of opium addict .  OPIUM ADDICT has one LOOTA (used in washroom to clean excrement) and it had one Hole in it. Whenever he use to go to washroom for cleaning excrement, all the water inside Loota use to leak out . So after so much contemplation he made a strategy that is to clean himself first before (passing stool ) and was very happy on this planning . This is the plan these people have found . (Arabic  : Quranic verse is quoted of surat saffat ) from this they take the shahdat of Hazrat Imam Hussain R.a .Even the mosques of shia people are not clean . I use to read from a shia teacer and their Dogs and Cats use to Pass stool and urine . And I donot remember that any one prayed their (in their mosque) . Shia says that for us Imam Hussain and people of House(ahlay bait) have been martyrs  .For them to Cry in their sadness and do MATAM is enough . For heaven there is no need to do any act (for them) . Same is said by Christians that for us Blood of jesus have made us successful . Now I ask that Will you not be asked about your sins .You have to be punished for your sins So what kind of success (you are talking about ) ?

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