Mirza Qadyani slapped on face of Mian Ghulam Hussain Sb’s son ( as per Book “zikray habib” by Mufti Mohammad Sadiq page 66-67) and on Improper remarks by Wife , kicked family out of Qadian for 2 years .

Book “zikray Habib” was written by Companion of Mirza Qadyani . His name was mufti Mohammad Sadiq . He was Ahmadiyya missionary and devoted his life for the Ahmadia (Qadyani) Religion. In Innocence he revealed so many stories which had been cause of nuisance for Ahmadis(Qadyanis) till date .

Mufti Sadiq Narrateson Page 66/67 in his Book Zikray habib ” Once Some boys while playing on the roof of Hazrat Sb(Mira qadyani`s ) House suddenly started fighting . Son of Mian Ghulam HussAIN Sahib Nanpaz abused Son of Shaikh Rehmatullah .Hazrat Sahib (Mira Qadyani)slapped few times to the son of Mian Ghulam Hussain Saahib .This Thing was very much dislike by the wife of Mian Ghulam Hussain Sahib , she became Arrogant to the Mian Ghulam Hussain Sahib and passed unjustified remarks at the act of Harat Sahib (Mirza Qadyani) .Consequence was that Both Mian Sahiband his wife were ordered to leave Qadian for Two years .They abided the instructions , but due to Commitment with faith (with Ahamdia ) and his repentance, sincere regret they again came back to Qadian and now lives here itself.….Bla bla bla


Other Quotes from the same book Zikray habib -By Mufti Muhammad Sadiq Qadyani Companion of Mirza .



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