(Ref: Chashma Maarfat Rohani Khazain Vol-23 Page 339) Screen shot attached.

Mirza Qadiani writes:

“Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan along-with his brothers had to suffer a serious trouble when he was demoted to the status of subjects under the crown prince. He tried hard to get his status restored but failed. The only way out left, was to appeal before Governor General Sahib Bahadur yet with very little hope as the matter was finally decided by the subordinate authorities. In these difficult moments he requested to me to pray for him with the promise that he in case of success he would pay Rs.3000/- chanda for Langar. So after a series of prayers, I received ILHAM “O SWORD TURN YOUR FACE TOWARD THIS SIDE” I informed Nawab Muhammad Ali of this Ilham and the by the grace of God the case was decided in his favour by the court of Viceroy. He sent the notes worth Rs.3000/- to me immediately.”

Although the above story of Mirza clearly suffering many flaws, but we don,t want to go into that, yet the notion that “the more you pay the more you get success” in resolving the issue, is very obvious, as the amount of Rs.3000/- was a hell of money at that time of 19th Century.

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