Hakeem Noor Ud Din 1st Qadyani Khalifa wrote “All Muslims are Non Muslims as they don’t believe in (promised Messiah ) Mirza Qadyani”.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadyani openly called his Non believers as ‘non Muslims ” and even had abused them by Different names and salutations . Here Hakeem Noor ud din (First Ahmadi Khalifa) also called Muslims as Non Muslims in his Book Anwar up Aloum _ (jilad) Vol.6 page 150 Aiyana Sidaqat .

Hakeem objected on the Quotation of Molvi Mohammad Ali and said that his words is without meaning and No Sane person can agree to that said by ( Molvi Mohammad Ali) that ” Those who did not accept promised messiah were only devier or unbeliever in the promised Messiah and not actually outside pale of Islam”. He says It (down & up Quotation) does not mean anything that “Who does not believe in promised messiah does not believe in promised messiah ” but my essay is that “whoever does not believe in promised Messiah , is a Non Muslim”. He clearly did Takfir of Muslims and called them Non Muslims due to their Non Accepting Mirza as Pomised Messiah .

Comments : Qadyani Molvis are so hypocrite that on meeting with any Muslim , they try to make Muslims believe that They are also Muslims as they recite the KALIMA and believe in same Islam , but reality is that their own First Khalifa believed Muslims to be NON Muslims and Objected on those that wrote dubious statements .

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