Way to celebrate Eid ( Instructions of Mirza Qadyani and Hakeem Noor Ud din on Eid for British government )Hakeem Also Quoted word “as per Quran”.

Mirza Qadyani Used Religious Days (Eid ul Fitar ) to Pray for the Success of British government

In Roohani Khazyian 15 , page number 596 , Roudad Jalsa Dua , Mirza Qadyani writes for his Jammat (followers of Qadyani religion) that “ I want that to pray for the success of British Government on day of Eid, which was heard and accepted by his Followers .

Further on same page Hakeem Noor ud Din ( First Qadyani Khalifa )also prayed EID UL FITAR and is being reported by Mira Ghulam Himself to say that Hakeem Sb rightly sketched out the rights of HUKAM MIJAZI ( government officials ) by quoting “ British Government has lot of blessing on Muslims (Qadyanis ) and As per Qur’an , we are constrain by the loyalty and Sacrifice of our self for British government “…….bla bla bla (further praised British government )


Read Further in google on British Colonization and Oppression


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