Ahmadi Khalifa in 1935 was not happy with African Ahmadi Students of Jamia .Cursed his own Students . Even Called them PIGS , FROGS and gave cheap examples for them in khutbatay Mahmoud .

. What we present in the below is from Khutbatay Mahmoud pages 36 & Page 37 (1935), the Khalifa is lashing out in true “village-desi-style”, he admonishes them in this customary fashion. This was from the first few batches of Ahmadiyya clerics. We are not sure who were the students at this point. . In urdu, the Ahmadiyya Khalifa had the audacity to say:  “Jaise Gande Cheethre ko ghar se phaink dete hain”, meaning if any Ahmadi refuses to join Majlis Khuddam ul Ahmadiyya they should thrown away like a dirty thing that is always thrown out of a house. . We have added an additional reference from 1946 at the very end. The only Ahmadi mullah that we can think of who may have been present in 1946 is Bashir Ahmad Orchard.  

Summary of these scans
The Khalifa was cursing his own students from “Jamia Ahmadiyya” in 1935
of for not having knowledge of the world and do not read newspapers to know the International Scenarios and

—“just want to do tableegh”
—- “Pigs that just wanted to do work”
—-“they just want to do tableegh”
—-“do not know how to do work”
—- “without brains and without comparative analysis ”
—–“from all four sides of the corners their brains are closed”
—–” not seen them proactive ”

—-“they just remember a few arguments like the “death of jesus” and “few ayahs of prophet-hood “.
— “Jammat has not progressed.  He says such students are being prepared by jamia”


1946, Khutbatay Mahmoud Page 580 
“””” There is no pain of Islam in your heart, if there was a pain of Islam in your heart, it would not be your condition, after three years, your eye get open, and (one use to ) say that ” there is no attention to our area. Your condition is as if a soldier was coming from the war, and it was very early in the way, he heard (some one) called out to him, listen to us,He (soldier) have to cover a lot of distance, and he sees that two persons are lying down . On the Ber (indian plum ) is on the chest of one person , so he says to the Soldier , ” Put this ber in my mouth. The soldier gets very angry to hear (that request) that you have ruined my so much time for the work of this useless thing (which you could had done easily ) . Why is it so that you can’t put a ber with your chest even in the face on your mouth ?

After listening to this, the other person says, ” Sir, what do you talk to him, he is so cheap, that yesterday all night a dog was licking my mouth, but he was not so much to be able to get up to this dog and run the dog away by saying him “hussshhhh”.”””

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