Mirza Ghulam Ahmad denied the physicality of Holy prophet pbuh`s Miraaj to sky in 1890/1891 in Izala Auham Roohani Khazyian 3

This is another topic that Mirza Qadyani then stole directly from Sir Syed, via Noorudin. Sir Syed denied all miracles in Islam in the mid-to-late 1870’s. Nope ud din was good friend of Sir syed and giving all the ideas to Mirza , with Sir Syed being the model. MGA and his team never wrote about the Miraaj ever again.So their view was that as Per sharia, a Muslim doesn’t have to accept that the Miraaj of Muhammad (saw) was physical, the quranist-type-of-modern Muslims (less than 1% of the mainstream) also believe this, even Allama Iqbal and other Islamic modernist like Sir Syed and Rashid Rida, however, they deny the second coming of Esa (as) altogether and the concept of the Mahdi, Ahmadi’s only make these arguments so as to substantiate the prophethood of MGA. Nevertheless, in the below, we have posted 2 references from Izala Auham which seem to contradict each other. We have also added a story from Malfuzat wherein MGA curses at those people who believe that Muhammad’s (Saw) miraaj was physical. This comes from the 5th volume of Malfuzat, which was published from Rabwah, on October 1963, in Urdu, 464 pages, covering the period from January 17 to May 30, 1903.

Izala Auham (1890), page 126
If someone object that if ascent in human body is impossible, then how come Holy Prophet had a physical ascent in the night of Miraj? The answer to this is that Miraj was NOT with Human body ( Please NOTE that this contradicts to belief of Sehaba RA) but it was actually a very high level of Intuitional dream, which can be called just like awake. And with such an intuitional dream a man can travel to skies with an Angelic Body”

But He made another stance and contradictory statement against his own statement in VOL.3 page 347 which is as below .

In Izala Auham Vol 1 ,RK Vol 3 Page 347
“He (Holy Prophet pbuh) was lifted to sky with his body and All Sehabas ( RA) believed that as others at that time believed on the lifting of Massiah that is with Human Body ”

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