Mirza Literally wrote 1000 curses against his opponent on 5 pages

Who does this? Who literally number and writes 1000 curses in a book. Here is Mirza Ghulam Ahmad shb writing “Curse 1, Curse 2……………….. Curse 1000″ in his book across 5 pages. (Nur-ul-Haq, volume 8 of Roohani Khazain. Pg.158 – 162) This was done by Mirza Qadyani that claimed to be Mujjadid , Mulhim , Maseel Maseeh , Maseeh maoud , Zilli and Barozi Prophet and even Mohammad (PBUH) himself. Can e find any person more abusive in history other than Mirza Qadyani ? Answer is” NO ”


Mirza had very abusive language .For Ahamdis it does not matter for a person to have abusive language . Mirza `s language is excused by Ahamdis by claiming that Quran also uses tough language . But How can Allah`s rights can be confused with a Man . Did Holy Prophet pbuh ever used tough language ? (just for comparison-as Ahamdis love to compare Mirza with Holy prophet Hazrat Mohammad PBUH )Secondly , if it is allowed and excused then every other person will start abusive language against other . Act of Mirza is not excused .He was an Abusive Man.

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