Mirza Ghulam, Qadiani declared Qadian as Darul Aman (abode of Peace) in order to equate it with Makkah Madina. Mirza Qadiani claimed that no calamity could touch his family and followers inside Qadian. Under his so called divine revelation, Qadiani mulla and scribes made the word Darul Aman an integral part of Qadian in their official correspondence and writings.

During the reign of Mirza Mahmoud K2, a team of goons was formed at Qadian, to terrorise the opponent Muslim and Sikh residents of Qadian and neighbouring villages. Mirza Mahmoud, through his team of terrorists, carried out killing and all sorts of atrocities on the hindu, Sikh, Muslim opponents and his dissidents of the Jamaat Like Fakhruddin Multani , Abdurehman Misri and Mubahila walas.

The events recorded by Dost Muhammad Shahid, the official historian of Jamaat Qadianiya In his Tareekh Ahmadiyyat Volume 11 page Nos. 236 onwards, confirm that Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmoud once a puppet sovereign ruler had fled Qadian in the dark hours silently and secretly. All other Family member Office bearers and common Qadianis were miserably kicked out of the Qadian which was once believed to be Darul Aman (abode of peace), for them.

The history as recorded by DMS tells us that Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmoud had fled qadian so secretly that he did not inform of his escape from Qadian even to his close mullahs like Jalaluddin Shams and Abul Ata Jallundri. He was so scared of the oppressed Sikhs and other opponents that he left behind his many younger sons nephews and other family members. He left his brother Mirza Bashir Ahmad MA to be the Amir, but he too has to flee the so called Darul Aman few days after the departure of Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmoud.

DMS has quoted two letters that Mirza Bashir Ahmad MA sent to his brother Mirza Mahmoud during his brief stay at Qadian. These letters throw light on how Sikh took revenge from Qadianis for the hooliganism they faced at the hand of Qadiani goons under Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmoud. Eventually, Mirza Family and Qadianis were thrown out of their so called Darul Aman. Here are these two letters translated and summarised in english:

Qadian Darul Aman

Syedna (Mirza Mahmoud)

Assalamo alaikum

The news of safe arrival of huzur at Lahore reached us yesterday at 6:30 PM which relieved us of the worries regarding huzur,s well being. The activities of Sikh rioters remained high today. Two ahmadis of Tutla Sekhwan were killed by Sikhs, they started attacks on Sathiali, residents of Kahnuwan were under severe threats by Sikhs. It was observed from atop the Minaret (Minaretul Masih) that the village of Alme has been burnt down.

Zainul Abdeen waliullah Shah sb has returned to Qadiani and will go to talk to military tomorrow. The letter of huzur was shown to Jalaludin Shams and Molvi Abul Ata, three hours after huzur,s departure. It was read over to all Sadur sahibs in the evening and was also shown to audience at Masjid today. Every body was surprised to know of huzur,s sudden and secret departure. Rest of all is ok. Seeking huzur,s dua.


Mirza Bashir Ahmad MA.

Dated : 02-09-1947.

Second Letter

Syedna Hazrat Amiral Momineen

Hope huzur would be well. Police reached Ahmadiya chowk early in the morning and ordered to open the lock to the gate. When the keys could not be braught in time, they climbed up to the shops near the house of Dr. Hashmatullah, entered into the Ahmadia Chowk and besieged our houses, Umme Tahir,s house and the office of tehreeke Jadeed. An armed military contingent climbed up to the Minaret (minartul Masih) to keep a watch all around. Police entered into the houses of Umme Tahir and syed Nasir shah and conducted search. They entered the offices of Lajnas. They got the office of huzur, opened and carried out a search here too. The police recovered a gun from Tahir from the house of Umme Tahir and demanded it,s license which was not available then. A 12 bore Gun and a revolver was also recovered from the upstair of Aziz Hamid house. All arms were taken into custody by the police. They also recovered few lancets and military bags from the office of tehreek Jadeed. Police broke few locks and dug out the floor on the suspicion of Arms and ammunition.

A credible information was received that Police is coming to us to arrest me. I have handed over the charge of amirat to Mirza Aziz Ahmad sb. A curfew was imposed. Friends stayed with me at night.Choudhry Abdul Bari Naib Nazir Baitul Maal who had with him the Jewellery worth Rs. 25000/- was arrested today. His Jewellery is also missing.

An Information was received that DSP with Police Guard will come to Qadian from Batala and Jamaat,s leader should come to Police Station to see him, however, Jamaat leaders were not allowed to meet the DSP, despite waiting for hours.

Syed Mehboob Alam sb Bihari who had gone on a morning walk on Friday morning, is missing, it is believed that he has been killed by the Sikhs. As per instructions of Huzur and result of draw, the list of those who will stay at Qadian are as under:

Mubarak Ahmad, Zafar Ahmad, Munawar Ahmad, Majeed Ahmad and Mir Daud Ahmad. Daud Ahmad has arrived with a truck and if I am not arrested tonight , i will send Mian Nasir Ahmad Tahir Ahmad Azhar Ahmad Muhammad Ahmad along-with those whose names have been selected through draw.

It is 11 o clock in the night. May Allah be our protector for all of us.

Humble self Mirza Bashir Ahmad

Qadian Dated :22-09-1947.


(a) Mirza Mahmoud committed an act of cowardice by secretly fleeing from Qadian.

(b) Qadianis have to suffer due to the oppressive tactics of Mirza Bashiruddin on his opponent, proving the proverb “AS YOU SOW SO SHALL YOU REAP.”

(C) The claim of Mirza that Qadian was a Darul Aman miserably proved false.

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