Mirza Qadyani did not wanted to use word ” MOLVI” for a Christian Re-Converted to Ahamdia Religion . Mirza said word “MOLVI’ is used for respect .(QADYANI Mullahs hate word Molvi)

Zikray Habib by Mufti Mohammad Sadiq – Page 111- chapter ( Gull Mohammad Essai)

In August 1902 One Banu`s Christian named Gull Mohammad came to Qadian . He use to fight in arguments with disrespect and gone in the same Condition . After he had gone , Maseeh maoud elih salat was Salam (Mirza Qadyani)seen a Rooya . That Gull Mohammad was using SURMA in his eyes . (Mirza Qadyani) said seems like that he will get the Hadiah (right way) . So after so many years it was heard that He again accepted Islam .Banu`s famous doctor `s wife wrote me in her (postal) card . That Gull Mohammad has left Christianity & came back in his earlier religion. While in discussion about Gull Mohammad and his coming back ( to Qadian) was questioned and the way (we ) should talk to him so that (time) Gull Mohammad insisted to use word “MOLVI” .But Maseeh Maoud salat was Salam (Mirza Qadyani) said that Word “MOLVI” is used for respect and should be used only for Muslims . We cannot write this(word molvi) in front of your name .After Bit of discussion it was decided that word Mister will be used (for Gull Mohammad ).

Comments : Qadynis have so much hate for the word MOLVI / MULLAH. Their Social media propaganda is full of showing Molvis shouting and Independent Immoral acts of Molvis /students (TULIBAH) of religion is shown with hatred . Their individual “RAPE ACT” is pasted by Qadyani Mullahs on whole Muslims Ummah . While Mirza Qadyani also used word with respect . Qadyani Molvis even quote weak Quoatations of “MOLVIS to be worse down the earth “(ON which we shall make a separate Post , that Islam shows respect for persons involved in religious knowledge )and this there is no reason to paste act of one on whole billios of Muslims just to spread hate against Molvis. There are several Speeches of MIRZA TAHIR ( Fourth Qadyani Khalifa) calling Muslims MOLVIS as Dogs and Pigs from his dreams . Qadyanis share hate about Islam and then present their own Religion as a Alternative to the masses .

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