Short Satanic Ilhamat of Mirza Qadyani without meaning or purpose ? Ambiguous and funny ilhams of Mirza Qadyani from tazkirah .

Mirza himself says that ‘Satan is blind . It does not have detailed and long statements ….Satan adds just one or two stinky sentences .Satan is tired soon enough ” Haqeeqatul wahi – Roohani Khayian 22- page 142 AND HIVE QUOTED THOSE ILHAMS (REVELEATIONS) THAT ARE SHORT AND DOES NOT HAVE ANY MEANINGS .ALL ILHAMS ARE QUOTED IN TAZKIRAH BUT QADYANIS/AHAMDIS NEVER BOTHER TO READ THEM .Here are some of the funny and ambiguous Ilhams of Mirza Qadyani

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