“Khashou and Khazou” near Mirza Qadyani – How remembering of God explained by Mirza Qadyani .

Mirza Qadyani must be high on opium to write such bullshit in Roohani khayian & his quotation in seertul mahdi quoted by Mirza Bashir M.A (sultan Ul qalam) .He has linked sexual activity with remembering God and thus ultimate condition of KHASOU AND KHAZOU .

I have Two quotations here .

Seertul Mahdi By Mira Bashir M.A (Qadyani book )Quotation no.737 ” In the name of God most gracious most merciful .Dr. Mir Mohammad Ismail sahib explained to me that Hazrat Sb (Mira Qadyani) had explained to me many times that whenever a person is humble in front of God and pray infront of God and if any one comes to know about him then he becomes such shameful that is (experienced ) by some one seen in Sexual Activity .He prefer to Die and to be murdered that some one comes to know about him.

Roohani Khayian 21 -page 192-Brahinay ahamdia -part 5 (here Mira Qadyani Direclty is writing and became more Wild in linking fall of sperms into uterus of woman and enjoyment one gets with Remembering God .

Summary : Mirza Qadyani gave example of Sperm Drop falling into Uterus of woman and the joy one gets is same by it as compared by remembering God . ( By God I would love Qadyanis to read their prophet `s dirty writings )linking Sperms fall into woman`s uterus by remembering God ” Mirza Must be crazy to write this bullshit and linking sexual Activity (fall of sperm into woman`s uterus) with God`s remembrance .

Rebuttal of Qadyani Argument : Qadyanis use to argue that Sperm has been mentioned in Quran as well . They use to cover and present excuse that”thus mentioning of sperms is not a bad thing “. but Answer to that Question is that in Quran the Birth of Human is mentioned by Quran and the way Allah created Human being . No place Allah has linked activity and Enjoyments of sexual Activity and linked with remembering God . Thus explain Birth of Human by Allah Almighty is different Notion than Mirza explains the sperms fall into woman`s womb or uterus of woman

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