Prophets donot have teachers to teach them . They get revelations from God . (But Mirza Concede in his book to learn from Persian and Arabic teachers )Mirza Qadyani wrote his teacher as “servant” I.e (NOOKAR in Urdu ) Mirza also called his teacher as opium Addict .

Mirza Qadyani had teacher from Shia Sects and Mirza Qadyani himself called them OPIUM ADDICTS , which I had covered down in my Blog .However here Mirza Qadyani Concede in Roohani Khazyian 13 – Page 180 – Kiran Ul Bariya to get education of Quran and sunnah from a appointed Servant that was his teacher . Mirza Qadyani tells his name as FAZAL ILLAHI and One more Mullah was his teacher for Arabic and his name was FAZAL AHMED


This is strange that Mirza is calling his Persian teacher appointed at age of seven as “NOOKAR ( URDU) which means Servant in English . Mirza had no respect for his teachers for calling them OPIUM ADDICTS AND SERVANTS . Second Question Arises that Does Prophets had teachers to teach them for education or they get teach by Allah Almighty . Third is that Does prophets write the Books ? This is a Question for Ahamdis to seriously think Ander the personality of MIrza Qadyani to him they compare ith Holy Prophet PBUH .

There is another ref .from Qadyani Newspaper Alfadl (AL FAZAL) of Mirza Qadyani calling his teacher as “OPIUM ADDICT ” and passing remarks about them ironically.

“The truth is that the Promised Messiah himself did not claim that he learnt the manifest sciences from anyone. He (Mirza) used to say that his teacher was an opium addict who smoked Huqqa as well. Sometimes, on account of intoxication, he used to spill the contents of the bottles on the ground. What could one expect from such teachers?”…

(Al-Fadl, February 5, 1929; by Mirza Mahmood Ahmad Qadiani)

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