Dr.Abdus Sallam ( Qadyani Scientist ) and his drinking problem / habits . (interview of Steven Weinberg)

Dr.Abdus sallam is a Qadyani Idol near Qadyanis (Ahmadi’s) . But See what his colleague Steven Weinberg tell about him . An excerpt from Steven Weinberg’s interview conducted by Richard Dawkins

Please Read More about his sharing of Nobel Prize with other scientists .Read how Dr. Abdu sallam used the name of ISLAM , to grab money from Islamic states in name of Science and Islam .Read down Link that why Dr. Abdus sallam Qadyani was promoted by Jewish Lobby and Qadiani Lobby .


TAB 191015 SALAM-1571224071343
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The Man in the Video ( Steven Weinberg) is sitting on the left hand side of Dr.Abdus sallam . See more about him https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steven_Weinberg

A still from CHURAILS 2-1595931273014

TAB Festival Director Harsh Narayan at an event-1595836932882


Junaid Khan and Iqra Aziz in KASAK

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