Different ages mentioned by MGAQ(Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadyani) in his writings about death of Hazrat Eisa e.s

MGAQ (Mirza Qadyani) has referred Four different ages of Hazrat Eisa E.s in his Books . It was habit of MGAQ to write one thing and come with different version on the very next page . We have combined all pages in to one Scan for the convenience of readers /researchers

Roohani Khayian 19 -page 103 (Toufaa Al Nadwa )” (Urdu) Hazrat Maseeh Died after 50 years following from incident of Cross ) and On very net page no. 104 , he has mentioned his age as 33 ( So it means that total age of Maseeh as per Mirza was 33+50= 83 while he died )

New version : Roohani Khazyian 15- Page 124 (Sitara Qaisara )” And came to Kashmir , he died at age of 120 and he grave is at Sri Nagar Mohala Yar Kan

Another version: Roohani Khayian 15 Page 499 ( Taryakul Qaloob ) ” In the end he died in Sri Nagar at age of 125 ”

Conclusion : Mirza was contradicting himself .

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