At Page No 22 of his book “Siraj e Munir” while discussing the murder of Lekhram, Mirza Ghulam Qadiani writes :-

“The Murshid (spiritual leader) who fabricates a prophesy, then he and his followers, by means of lies and deception, try to materialise this prophesy with their own hands are worst than dogs and are impure.”

Mirza Bashir Ahmad MA in his book Seeratul Mahdi Vol-1 page 176-177 says:

“Stated to me by Mian Abdullah sb Sinauri that Once hazrat sb went to Jallandhar and stayed there for about a month. In those days one of the real uncles of Muhammadi Begum tried to get Muhammadi Begum married to hazrat sb (MGAQ) but did not succeed. Her father Ahmad Baig was alive and she was not married to Sultan Muhammad by that time. This uncle used to travel between Hoshiarpur and Jallandhar in a Tonga and wanted some money from Hazrat sb and Hazrat sb had promised to pay to him this reward. However, this humble self says that this man,s intention was only to extort money from hazrat sb.”

Now see the contradiction in the statement of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani and his action. One way he says those who do efforts to materialise a prophesy are impure and worse than dogs. On the other hand Mirza stayed in Jallaundhar, away from Home Qadian to materialise his prophesy of marriage with Muhammadi Begum, had a secret money deal with uncle of Muhammadi Begum and offered him bribe, however his month long efforts could not bore him the desired fruit and his prophesy had failed miserably despite his offered bribery. Does this duplicity suite to a prophet, is the question, Qadianis should think about.

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