Mirza Qadyani was a dirty Mullah . He is quoted not to change his clothes for a full week from the admission made by himself . Down is quotation by his companion Mufti Mohammad Sadiq writer of Book “Zikray Habib” (Translation of title of book : Mentioning loved one )

Mufti Sadiq in his book Zikre Habib at page 31-32 states that once while mentioning about the extravagance of some body, Shaykh Rehmatullah said he should only change one(in Quantity ) washed up dress daily. Listening to this, Hazrat Sahib, (MIrza Qadyani ) said he changes his dress only after a week.

Friends you can judge how much dirty will be a man who change his dress once a week. Does this level of cleanliness suite to a prophet.? Certainly not.

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