Mirza Qadyani based his claim of “Mahdi” Upon Academic Miracles of Quran . And Quran does not even uses word “Mahdi ” or “Mahdi Moud” expressly or Impliedly .

Mirza Qadyani in Roohani Khazyian 17-Page 253 , Toufa Golriya mentions that “Out of Academic miracles of Quran , it is one of the great Miracle that Out of Whole nation of prophet Mohammad (pbuh) I am particularly one informed about to be Mahdi in Last ages from it (Quran) . Thus I can prove (myself) my claims ( of Mahdi) from academic miracles of Quran………..

Discussion : Even on Ahmadia Book , Roohani Khazyian Mirza is mentioned as “mahdi” and this is the point from were Ahmadis start preaching about their religion and claims to be followers of “real islam “. The Question is that Quran never uses word Mahdi or Mahdi maoud (returned Mahdi) . It is only some Ahadess which mentions the word Mahdi But Mirza Qadyani have also called all hadeeses (sayings of prophet mohammad (pbuh) as weak and fabricated about Mahdi and Coming of Mahdi ) .The writings of Mirza are confused and self contradictory . He claims one thing for himself while denying it as well.

Please see my post on Mirza Qadyani calling no Mahdi To come .


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