Friends: At the start of his carrier Mirza Ghulam Qadiani was an artless person. His father and brother tried hard to put him on some kind of an employment but indolent Ghulam Qadiani refused on every occasion.

He was looking for a future life where he could get every worldly thing in the name of religion. He tried to learn about jugglery and magic . He tried to learn few lessons of telepathy. In this regard one may see his seclusion at Hoshiarpur and more amazingly his daily 2 hours long seclusion in a place which was previously used as toilet. He also showed a trickery of Red ink spot on the shirt of Mureed Abdullah Sinauri in a toilet. He eventually succeeded in minting money from simple fellows by way becoming their peer.

Dost Muhammad Shahid, the official Qadiani historian in his book Tareekh Ahmadia Vol-1 at page 177 narrates his dream which reflects his thinking in this regard.

“In 1874 He (MGAQ) saw an angel in the person of a boy in a dream. The boy was sitting on a high platform. He held a bright NAAN (Indian Bread) in his hand. He said this Naan is for you and for the darvesh with you. DMS writes that the dream is interpreted as the vastness of the lively hood to Mirza sb and that the dream may also be interpreted that hazrat sb (MGAQ) would have heavenly monarchy.”

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