In 1882-1884, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad insulted Hazrat Esa (as) and denied the miracles of Hazrat Esa (as) as per Quran

Mirza Qadyani started laying foundation of denying miracles mentioned in Quran about Hazrat Esa (as) . Mirza wrote Braheen e Ahmadiyya vol. 4 which got published in the winter of 1884. In this book, MGA was slowly and cleverly laying the seeds for his future claims. In order to become (Maseel Maseeh) , he started first denying miracles of Hazrat Esa (As) , and dragged him , so Esa (as) should be brought to the standard , whereas Mirza can be .

For further please read My Ex- Ahmadi Brother (Bashir Shah ) .He has written a beautiful article in his blog. He has written all Verses with references denied by Mirza .

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