Mirza Qadyani predicted About his Hajj – Another failed prophecy ( Fact was that Mirza Never gone for Hajj )

Mirza Qadyani wanted to fulfill the prediction of Hazrat Eisa e.s (Jesus) to go for Hajj ( as most of Muslims Believed to happen near/before day of judgement ) and wrote metaphorically about what Killing of dajjal means ( just to find excuses and to answer to Mullahs to find refuge in metaphorical lies ) .

He (Mirza Qadyani) mentions that It is written In Muslim (book of Hadees ) that Holy Prophet pbuh has seen DAJJAL and Hazrat Eisa (e.s) to do Hajj together . he says Dajjal will not be killed Physically but (his killing )is his leaving away notions of un believing . In Roohani Khazyian 14-Page 417 (Ayam Ul sullah) he writes that One group of Dajjal will do Hajj after their becoming believers . So My days of hajj will be On having Dajjal (anti christ ) having contemplation of Doing Hajj and becoming believer…..bla bla bla

Comments : Mirza Qadyani never planned nor tried ever to go for hajj . This was his another failed prophecy .

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