Mirza Qadyani was allowed to sit on Bed with God to get signatures of God under Love and affection.( Book Seertul Mahdi) Quotation no.79

Seertul Mahdi – Quotation 79- Book written By By Mirza Bashir M.A

” I have seen that (I am in) Big and large House .There is a bed .There is a One person sitting as King on it . In my heart it is added that the Person is God of universe .I also convince myself as such that I am his relative . I have written some matters regarding fate and destiny and thus I go to that person so that I can take his signatures . On going to him , he sat me near to him on bed with extreme Love and affection. My condition was just like a son meets his father after so much years ( Long time) . His heart becomes filled (with Love and affection) and In my heart it has pondered that He was God of universe and thus he sat me with him with such love and affection. I presented those documents written by myself to be signed to him.


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