Mirza Qadyani Secret of using “TONIC WINE ONCE “was revealed by his Own Son Mirza Mahmoud

YES MY FATHER USED TONIC WINE ONCE. HE WAS A BON VIVANT.ADMITS MIRZA MAHMOUD K2 & SON OF MGAQ BEFORE THE DISTRICT AND SESSION JUDGE GURDASPUR, MR. GD KHOSLA.ANOTHER EYE OPENER PROOF FOR QADIANISIn order to respond to the misdeeds of Mirza Mahmoud and MIRZAI,S hooliganism at Qadian, Jamaat e Ahrar fixed a jalsa at Qadian which was held on 21 October, 1934. Renowned Orator and a top leader of Indian Independence movement, Syed Ataullah Shah Bukhari addressed this Jalsa and delivered a spirited speech there.Mirza Mahmoud put every effort to stop this Jalsa but he failed. On 7th December, 1934 Syed Ataullah Shah Bukhari was arrested and a case was registered against him on the charge of promoting hatred and he was sentenced to six months rigorous imprisonment by Dewan Sukh Anand Special Magistrate Gurdaspur, Punjab.An appeal was filed before the Court of Mr. GD Khosla (ICS) Session Judge Gurdaspur. In his Judgement the honourable Judge exposed the Qadiani Jamaat and its founder by portraying it,s actual face. The honourable Judge then reduced the sentence till rising of the court. COURT,S OBSERVATION REGARDING PLOMER,S TONIC WINE AND ADMISSION OF MIRZA MAHMOUD REGARDING HIS FATHER MGAQ.Mr. GD Khosla in his landmark judgement observes :-“the Mirza, as it appears, was in the habit of taking a certain tonic called as Plomer,s Tonic Wine and on one occasion ordered his correspondent to get it for him from Lahore. There is also some reference of YAQUTI in one or two other letters. THE PRESENT MIRZA (Mirza Mahmoud) ADMITTED IN HIS EVIDENCE THAT HIS FATHER DID, ON ONE OCCASION, TAKE PLOMER,S WINE AND HE WAS WHAT MIGHT BE DESCRIBED A BON VIVANT.(The court proceding and Judgement as published in Qadiani Mouth organ Daily Al-Fazl Qadian dated 15 June 1935. Screen shot attached. )

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