In his book Aina Kamalate islam page No 651, Mirza Ghulam Qadiani writes down that :“It has been disclosed to me that this man (Lekhram) shall be put under severe punishment, within six years from today ie 20th February , 1893, for the derogatory language he uses against the prophet of Allah, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. So I announce this to Ariyas, Muslims , christians and all other sects that if Lekhram is not uniquely punished (Azab), then I shall not be from Allah. Nor this utterance is from his spirit. I am ready to face any punishment if am proved to be a liar in this prophesy. I will accept the punishment of being dragged by a rope in my neck.”On 6th of March 1897, Lekhram was stabbed to death in Lahore by an unknown assailant. Since a sharp knife was used in the murder of Lekhram so at this stage, Mirza Qadiani spoke lie and said he had prophesied that Lekhram would be killed with a knife whereas in his prophesy, no mention of any weapon was made, Mirza Qadyani did not even prophesied his death rather he had given the news that Lekhram would be put to a unique Azaab. Subsequent to the death of Lekhram, Mirza Qadiani, In his book Nazulul Masih, Rohani Khazain Vol-18, page No.553, writes:“I have prophesied about him (Lekhram) that he would be killed by being attacked with a knife.”

Now see how cleverly Mirza Qadiani added the word knife to his prophesy after Lekhram,s death. Now I would like to draw the attention of readers to the words of Mirza in his book Siraj e Munir page No.23, Mirza Qadiani says : “any prophet or follower who fabricates a prophesy and then attempts to fulfil it is worst than a dog.”I ask Qadianis to plz think that Mirza Qadiani was proved a liar in his own writings as the one that is mentioned here. (Screen shots of Aina Kamalate Islam page 651, Nazulul Masih page 553 RK Vol-18 and Siraj e Munir page No. 23 are attached.)

Scans attached

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