Chanda (Charity) asked in Ahmadiya Religion In the name of Dead People

In 1982, a few months after Mirza Tahir Ahmad became Khalifa, he begged Ahmadi’s to pay Chanda under the names of their deceased family members (see Introduction to Financial Sacrifice”, pages 112-113).
The quote

“How can one be considered dead whose Chanda continues to be paid? We have to reorganise Daftar 1. I want this Daftar to continue till the Last Day. The names of those who have once made exemplary sacrifices for the faith should never be forgotten. Their descendants should continue to pay Chanda on their behalf, and never should we say that even one of them is dead. They are alive in the sight of God and are also living in the form of their sacrifices. We should
continue to witness the signs of their life in this world as well.”


Thanks to Our Brother (ex-Ahmadi) and see the link

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