No Concept of “musleh maoud ” in islam . The concept of “Musleh Maoud” in Ahmadiya is total Fraud

There is No Concept of Musleh Maoud In islam . Quran does not present any word that can be linked with the Qadyani claims of Mirza Bashir to be ” Musleh Maoud ” . There is not even a single hadess that uses the word.

Qadyani (Ahmadi) people even celebrate “musleh Maoud” day . The Promised Reformer Day (UrduYawm-e-Musleh Maud) is celebrated by Qadyanis  annually on 20 February in remembrance of the prophecy concerning the birth of an “illustrious son” which has no base in Islam.

Our Ex-Ahmadi Brother Bashir Shah have worked hard for the data on Qadyani Concept of Musleh Maoud and Fraud played by Mirza Qadyani /

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