Mirza Qadyani use to keep his keys attached with Cummerband (Nala ) and Rattling sound of Mirza Qadyani `s keys

Seertul Mahdi (written By Mirza Bashir M.A0 Quotation ref : 652 ( On authority of Dr. Mohammad Ismail Sb)

Mirza Qadyani was a laughing stuff for his opponents and a Question for his blind followers . So many of his followers left their commitment with him to follow him due to his funny and idiot habits

This is the Quotation and scan whereas Mirza was attacking his keys with his Nala ( cummerband ) and those keys were producing rattling sounds . The reason explained in the quotation was that Silky Cummerband was easy to open for the excessive URINE problem of Mirza Qadyani and Mirza had problem of getting rid of Quick URINE , as explained by the quotation provider

Conclusion : Mirza Qadyani was a Idiot and a funny Man (ADMIN)

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